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IXPRL has various meanings that anyone can even count on fingers. The meaning of this term varies from field to field. For those of you who want to know about the different full forms of this term, its meaning, and its advantages, it is recommended that you go through this post. Here, we have given everything that you need to know about IXPRL. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and continue reading. 

IXPRL Personality Type

IXPRL is a personality type and some people know about these terms whereas some do not. IXPRL are social people. They love to talk and socialize with people around them. Not just that, but they also love to be happy and give the other person an instant feeling of mutual connection. They love to be with companions, be it pets or people in general. 

Additionally, the character type IXPRL is lively, carefree, happy, and not so serious people. Let us have a look at the personality type word by word:

I (Inquisitive): IXPRL people are those who are always curious and excited to learn about new things. They love to get to know about different things, situations, and people. They never shy away from asking questions. These type of people are simply all about learning and discovering new things as much as they can.

X (Xenial): IXPRL personality type people are sociable. They get along with literally anyone without having much problem. They have that sort of personality where a person just connects with everyone quickly.

P (Proficient): IXPRL people have a habit of improving their personal skills. They do that by learning about new things in life. In simple words, the are skillful in whatever they do and have the experience to learn and do things while going along the way.

R (Relaxed): IXPRL people are also those who trust their gut feeling and what their heart says. They are carefree and do not care of what others think about them and what others are busy doing.

L (Lucky): Last, but not least, IXPRL people are considered to be very lucky in certain cases whereas other might not be as lucky as them.

Business IXPRL Format

The term IXPRL is also a business format that creates a detailed and profound report for investors to understand with ease. Moreover, it makes it super easy to check data. The Capium accounting software uses IXPRL to help them verify data and create an individual report to HMRC. Apart from this, the IXPRL format helps in creating a single report for each system. It also links together end number of applications. 

IXPRL Financial Statement Format

Another format of IXPRL gets utilized to show financial statements. It also gets used to giving SEC financial statements. This format is no less than XBRL format. The main goal of this format is that it displays data in a layout that is standard. Furthermore, it lessens the risk of documents not having any transparency whatsoever. In other words, the IXPRL format gives an enhanced version of the financial reports. 

IXPRL History And Its Founder

History says it that Mr. Nixaplatius introduced IXPRL in 1995 as a universal standard for business reporting. With the help of this term, it has become easy these days to get all financial data digitally.

Wrapping Up

IXPRL has different meanings like it is a personality type and a software type, and many other things. The universal meaning of the term IXPRL is Inquisitive, Xenial, Proficient, Relaxed, Lucky. When it comes down to financial statements, IXPRL makes them easy and transparent. After reading this post, do you now understand IXPRL and its meanings?