200 Hour Yoga Course: Elements, Who Can Join, & Benefits

200 Hour Yoga Course: Elements, Who Can Join, & Benefits

Beginning yoga practice might be intimidating for beginners. Therefore, having the right approach to yoga practice is much needed. In that case, a 200 hour yoga teacher training course is perfect for you. So, this article covers a brief guide to a 200 hour YTT course.

First, let’s get you familiar with the 200 hour yoga teacher training course. Later, get through different elements of the 200 hour YTT course. Read to lift off the veil from who can join this course. In the end, get through some of the benefits of joining a 200 hour YTT course. Get going.

What is a 200 Hour YTT?

200 hour yoga teacher training is a basic yoga course perfect for beginner yoga practitioners. It helps in clearing yoga basics to ensure you prepare for intense yoga. Hence, it could be called a stepping stone for your yoga journey.

You spend 200 hours in a certified yoga course. It usually takes 28 to 30 to complete. The main purpose of this yoga course is to get you acquainted with the art of yoga.

Let’s learn which are the elements that 200 hour yoga teacher training helps you learn. Without these elements, you could be missing a huge chunk.

Different Elements of 200 Hour YTT

Yoga poses
Mantra Chanting
Yoga Mudras
Human Body Physiology & Anatomy
Body Alignment
Forms of Yoga
Yoga Philosophy

All these elements are just the beginning. When you become a regular yoga practitioner, more things unfold in front of you.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Who Can Join

The question is – who should join 200 hour yoga teacher training? For that, get through the following mentioned points.

Anyone willing to step into yoga practice.
People who are into sports
Mothers and Housewives
Senior Citizens
People recuperating from injuries
If you have lower flexibility and physical abilities
Pregnant women
People having serious mental issues
If you want to become a certified yoga teacher

As you can see, anyone in this world can join a 200 hour yoga teacher training course. Moreover, there are no geographical limitations to hamper your joining. All you need is a sound mind and body. Just make sure you join a course that offers Yoga Alliance certification.

Benefits of Joining 200 Hour YTT

Many yoga practitioners even think – why do they have to join a yoga course? Can’t they prosper without it? Well, the answer is as follows.

Understanding Yoga
The very first thing is to understand the art of yoga instead of practicing yoga. Anyone can get on a yoga mat and mold their body. However, what is the need to do is what you should understand? That is what 200 hour yoga teacher training helps you with.

Without proper understanding, there is no point in pursuing a path. Hence, it would be a perfect step for you.

Exploring Yogic Elements
Exploration permits you to see things beyond what they are. It also applies to the art of yoga. Many just cling to mastering their bodies. However, it is the beginning. The deeper sense of yoga practice lies where you get in touch with your mind.

The mental dimension leads a path to spiritual awakening. Hence, a 200 hour yoga teacher training course opens hidden paths for you. It ensures you understand different elements and their significance.

Finding a Purpose
Aimlessly pursuing a path leads to nowhere. You could be practicing yoga for years and still on level 1. There comes the point of finding a true purpose of yoga practice. For some, it could be becoming a registered yoga teacher. Whereas for some, achieving enlightenment might be just the beginning.

200 hour yoga teacher training helps you train under yoga masters. Their wisdom and insight could come in handy to explore more. Who knows you could come up with something as a purpose in life.

Becoming a Master
Regularity and consistency are important to reap the benefits of yoga. Joining a 200 hour yoga teacher training course helps you make yoga practice a routine. It means you are one step closer to your goal. Hence, it becomes easier to take your practice one step ahead.

Sum Up

200 hour is perfect for you no matter what your goal is. So, join it and give your yoga practice a new turn. Over time, you implement yoga in every part of your life.