3 Best PDF Editors in 2022

PDF remains one of the best ways to create and share documents. But while you can open a PDF on any browser, editing the document requires a dedicated PDF editor that will allow you to access the document and make the necessary changes.

The following top 3 PDF editors are the best that you can use to annotate, edit and convert PDF documents:

  1. UPDF

If your goal is to use one tool to create, annotate, edit and convert PDF documents, UPDF is one of the best tools to consider. This relatively new entrant into the market can be very useful when you simply want to read a PDF document or when significant changes are needed before sharing the file.

The following factors make UPDF one of the best UPDF management tools:

Elegant and Effortless UI

Gone are the days when you had to learn how to use complicated software just to annotate, edit or convert a PDF document. In recognizing that you probably don’t have time to learn complicated steps to edit your PDF, UPDF has significantly simplified the user interface to make it more accessible to you.

The UPDF user interface’s navigation tools are intuitive enough to make it easy for you to open the PDF document and annotate the PDF in various ways. All editing tools that are available on UPDF are also easily accessible and using them is also just as easy. You can edit the text on the PDF just as you would on any other Word processor and you can just as easily use the image editing tools to make changes to your PDF images. It is one of the best PDF text editors.

Editing PDF Like a Pro

If you want to edit the text on your PDF document, UPDF is the ideal solution to help you do that. The process is so simple, that it will feel like you are editing a Word document in a Word Processor. You can change the text without having to exit the PDF document or copy the text to a Word processor.

UPDF also comes with a built-image editor that has numerous effective photo editing tools. You can use these tools to resize, reposition, extract, delete, copy, crop, and even replace any images on your PDF.

Fast and Accurate Conversion

When you need to save a PDF document in another format, UPDF is the fastest way to do that. You can use it to convert PDF to various formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, TXT, and image formats including JPG, PNG, GIF, and more.

Conversion of PDF documents to other formats is accurate, meaning that you will be able to get all content converted to the format of your choice without losing the original formatting of the content.

UPDF also has an OCR feature to help you convert scanned PDF documents into searchable and editable formats.

Annotate and Manage PDF Pages

UPDF’s elegant and highly intuitive user interface can make it very easy for you to read and annotate the PDF document. Some of the annotation tools that UPDF offers include adding highlights, text boxes, shapes, and other elements directly to the document. These annotations are designed to make collaboration on any project that requires PDF documentation very easy.

Pros of Using UPDF

  • The simple user interface makes UPDF one of the easiest tools to use even for beginners.
  • Its editing tools are above and beyond what you get on other tools, especially the photo editor.
  • It can convert PDF documents to numerous different formats without losing original formatting.
  • UPDF works on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android systems.
  • It is also one of the best ways to manage the pages on a PDF. You can remove pages, replace them with other pages and even merge PDF pages into one document.
  • If you are worried about your document security, UPDF can help you add passwords and permissions to your PDF documents.

2. Foxit PDF Editor

Formerly known as PhantomPDF, Foxit PDF Editor has been around for quite a while and comes with a lot of very useful PDF editing features. It has both Standard and Pro versions and allows you to create and edit PDF documents on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, making it an ideal choice when working with a large group on a large project that requires numerous devices.

One of the things we find very useful about using Foxit is the very simple user interface. The UI is what you would expect to find on a Word processor like Microsoft Word, a factor that makes editing very simple. There are also a lot of annotation features you can use including highlighting text and adding a valid signature to the document.


  • It has a wealth of editing and annotation tools
  • You can use Foxit on just about any platform including iOS and Android
  • You can choose to purchase the program outright or get a monthly subscription
  • You can use Foxit to convert PDF documents to other formats including Excel, Word, HTML, PowerPoint, and more.
  • It comes with a built-in OCR function that is useful for editing scanned or image-rich PDFs


  • The Pro version is only available for Windows
  • There aren’t very many options when it comes to subscription

3. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is also one of the most popular ways to create, edit, annotate and convert PDF documents. The simple user interface makes it an ideal solution if you handle a lot of documents. Editing tools are easily accessible, allowing you to edit all features of the PDF including the text and images. You can use PDF Expert to make changes to the text already on the document by changing the original font of the document or changing the font color.

PDF Expert also makes it very easy for you to edit the images on the PDF document in various ways. You can add and remove images from the document conveniently and also edit, replace and remove the PDF pages. But PDF Expert is only available for macOS and iOS only.


  • You can open PDF documents and annotate the document in various ways
  • It has powerful editing tools to edit both text and images on the document
  • It is one of the best ways to organize the pages on the PDF document
  • You can use it to create, edit and convert PDF documents on your iOS device
  • Changes that you make to the PDF on your iOS device using
  • It has an OCR feature to help you edit scanned PDFs


  • It is only available for macOS and iOS
  • The Lifetime license is expensive

Comparison Chart of Top 3 PDF Editors

The following is how the three features compare to one another;

Feature/ProductUPDFFoxit PDFPDF Expert
Comprehensive Features544
Conversion Accuracy554
Conversion Speed544
Operating System Support554
Ease of Use555
Total Score302624


There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when looking for a great PDF editor to help you edit, annotate, and convert PDFs to other formats. But perhaps the most important of these factors is a simple user interface. When the user interface on a program is easy to use, then creating, editing, annotating, and converting PDFs becomes a very simple and enjoyable process. The only tool that scores the highest in ease of use, comprehensive features, effectiveness, and accuracy are UPDF.