3 Choicest Routes in Wonderful North Carolina

North Caroline saw many historical events, like battlefields and flights of Wrights brothers. Residents have museums, exhibitions, and tours devoted to the country’s past. Apart from that, the landscapes of the Atlantic lowlands and the Appalachians are admirable. So what route should you take if you land at Charlotte Airport? Any of the below choicest trips will bring you new experiences you will like. Take a look at them!

Charlotte – Wilmington

How to get there?

It is the perfect route for a weekend getaway with children. The path from Charlotte to the city on the beach, Wilmington, goes along the highway US-74 E. Of course, you may go to the east by train or bus. But why do you need to adjust your itinerary to anyone else’s schedule? Instead, you can attend local car rental, even at the terminal, and pick up a car. Then the three hours and 201 miles on the way will pass without considerable notice! 

What to see in Wilmington?

When arriving, go to explore the historical city. Visit one of its historic districts, tour the US Airborne and Special Operations Museum, or take a walk on the cultural heritage trail. Come to see Bellamy Mansion with restaurants in the neighborhood. So you can take a break to eat there. However, Wilmington boasts of its Carolina Beach on the Atlantic Ocean shores. You will need to navigate about fifteen miles across the city to get there. Do not forget to check the tornado forecast ahead of your trip because the region possesses one of the highest risk levels in the USA. 

What to do in Fayetteville?

If you have extra time, turn to Fayetteville, it is one hour from Charlotte. The location on the Cape Fir River is worth visiting with children. You will like the local cuisine, culture, and hospitality of people. It is a constantly growing city so it will be a pleasant surprise for you!

Charlotte – Asheville

How to get there?

Turn to the west now. Road I-40 W will bring you closer to nature. With a passenger van rental in Charlotte, NC, the 130 miles will be pleasant and full of comfort. Your team will have space for baggage and convenient sitting, although it takes 2 hours. What do you need to know about Asheville? It is a city in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

What to do there?

When gearing up for camping (there is one in 10 miles from downtown), you should prepare the necessary things. First, check the rules and opening hours on the Western North Carolina Nature Center website. The place has a 42-acre zoo home to otters, cougars, and black bears. Besides, it offers year-round events for the entire family. For example, the Hey Day fall festival takes place in October. It is an excellent opportunity to see arts and crafts and play games. Then, you can explore the forest with the Trillium Nature Trail and arrange a picnic!

Charlotte – Kitty Hawk 

How to get there?

Let’s consider some more long-lasting routes, like from Charlotte to Kitty Hawk driving across Greensboro. The unstoppable ride would take almost 6 hours by US-64 E. Yet do not fall for this because you may miss a lot! 

What to see in Greensboro?

Gather your fellow travelers, choose a 12-seater van rental, and start your promising trip along I-85 N. After an hour and a half, you come to the third-largest city in North Carolina. It gets the name “Tournament Town.” It is true because it hosts various athletic venues. Playing different sports is your heaven with its fields, courts, pools, and stadiums. Likewise, it is a city full of students and universities. Then, attend the downtown, which is a thriving urban center. You can go shopping, order an excursion, eat, and take a walk there. 

What to do in Kitty Hawk?

After enjoying the previous destination, head to Kitty Hawk, where aviation began. Outstanding Wright brothers performed test flights on local hills with the great name Kill Devil Hills. Come to see them, and go to the Monument to a Century of Flight. The latter will reveal to you the comprehensive secrets of flight advances. The time frames are from 1903 to 2003, the century, indeed. Then, you may stop for some time to fall in love with fantastic beaches. 

Let one of these itineraries be the start point in observing the US and North Caroline! Good luck on your way!