5 Simple Steps to Buy Tyres Online Without Hassles

When you want to change your car tyres, you can go to a garage near you and get any tyre they have in their current stock, fitted to your car. Usually, the garage will only have a limited selection of tyres. Today, you can also buy tyres and wheels online from the tyre and wheel supplier’s website.

Buying tyres online has many benefits, such as a wide selection of tyre brands, best prices and the comfort of buying from your smartphone or laptop right where you are, your home or office. If you need any help buying tyres online, customer support is readily available at the tyre supplier website. You can either chat online or speak to a representative through a phone call and get timely assistance to make the correct tyre purchase for your car.

Here are the five simple steps for buying tyres online:

1. Check The Size of Your Car Tyre

Car tyres need replacing when they get damaged, exhausted or reach the minimal tread depth of 1.5mm. It is a good practice to change your vehicle tyres every five years. To ascertain the age of your car tyres, look at the code on the sidewall, which will show the week and year they were made. At the same place, you will find the tyre size – notice something like this – “205/55R16 112S”. Here, 205 is the tyre width, 55 is the tyre profile, R stands for Radial tyre, 16 is Rim diameter, 112 is the load index, and S stands for speed rating. Next, search by the tyre size on the website of the tyre supplier.

2. Select Your Preferred Tyre

Once you select the tyre size, you will see all the tyres available in stock for that particular size on the tyre supplier website. Look at tyres of different brands, and compare their features and prices. Select the tyre you like and place it in the cart. 

3. Shipping & Delivery

After selecting your preferred tyres and placing them in your cart, you need to choose a delivery option. You can get the tyre delivery at your home address or to a garage of your preference to get them fitted.

4. Checkout

To complete the checkout, fill in your billing address, choose the payment method and review your order to ensure everything is correct.

5. Delivery & Fitting

Once you complete the checkout process and make the payment successfully, you will get the delivery of your vehicle tyres at your home address or a garage of your preference (as per the selection you have made during the checkout).

Final Words

Today, you can buy tyres and wheels online at your convenient time and place and get the best prices and your preferred brand for tyres and wheels for your vehicle. If you get stuck anywhere during the tyre and wheel online buying process, you can get handy assistance from customer support through online web chat or phone calls, making the tyre and wheel online buying process easy.