Traveling to Azerbaijan

5 Things to Know Before Traveling to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a very progressive country which has become a hot tourist spot today. People who have the Azerbaijan visa and are planning on traveling to Azerbaijan should know about five most important things to remember that would help them during your tour. Azerbaijan visas can be obtained quite easily from the embassy. Once you have gotten your visa, ready for travel then you need to follow this guide. 

Passport should be valid before travel

A very important thing you need to know before traveling to Azerbaijan is that your passport should be valid at the time you enter the country. If your passport validity is less than 180 days or six months then your visa is going to be rejected and you would be unable to initiate your trip. A valid passport is one of the topmost Azerbaijan visa requirements so you need to ensure validity before traveling.

Keep your visa with you at all times

During your stay to Azerbaijan you have to remember to keep your Azerbaijan visa with you at all times. You can get checked by the security officials and can face a lot of trouble if you are not carrying your visa. If you have the evisa Azerbaijan then you must download the soft copy on your phone so that you can show it to the officials in case of any interrogations.

Don’t Litter in Azerbaijan  

When you are in the streets of Baku or any other city of Azerbaijan then you need to follow the rules of the local. When you are carrying the Azerbaijan visa for tourists you must never litter in the streets. You are going to face a lot of criticism and rude behavior from the locals if you are littering on the streets and making a mess. Keep an empty bag with you at all times so that you can throw waste in it. 

Avoid using taxi services there

It is true that you can easily get the Azerbaijan online visa at cheap rates today. You must know that there are other expenses that you have to be aware of. Taxi drivers in Azerbaijan would charge tourists extra money which is why we would urge you to avoid taking taxis from the moment you enter the airport. You must book your travel arrangements at the time you apply for the Azerbaijan visa. Moreover, you should prefer using taxi services locally as they are cheap and reliable.

Don’t talk about Armenia 

Once you have got the Azerbaijan visa you need to delete the word Armenia from your dictionary. Armenia and Azerbaijan are not on good terms over locality disputes. This is why you must always avoid talking about Armenia or shouldn’t bring anything from Armenia. If you don’t avoid this then you are going to face some repulsive behavior from the locals.

Now that you know the five most important things it is time that you make the application for Visa Azerbaijan and book your flights in advance!