6 Places To Visit In Maryland In 2023

Maryland is the best place for you to visit in 2023 if you are looking for a getaway travel destination. Maryland is the perfect travel destination for you to dive into adventure activities and also make new memories. There are so many places you can visit and so many things you can do once you reach Maryland.

Although being one of the smaller states in the USA, Maryland can offer you a lot when it comes to having a memorable journey. If you want a rejuvenating trip this year, you should consider visiting the beautiful state of Maryland.

Why Should You Consider Visiting Maryland In 2023?

There are so many reasons for you to visit Maryland. If you are a lover of beaches, you will find many options in Maryland. Also nicknamed the Miniature state, you will get almost everything in Maryland. You will find mountains, coastal destinations, national parks, maritime villages, and waterfront cities. Furthermore, there is also a long and exciting history of the place.

  • If you are a lover of seafood, then Maryland is one of the best places for you to visit. You should definitely try out the steamed crabs.
  • There is actually a crab festival named St. Mary’s Crab Festival, which happens every year in Leonard Town.
  • If you love adventure sports and water sports, you will have a lot of options near Chesapeake Bay.
  • You can also charter a fishing boat in the Chesapeake Bay to have fun in the water.
  • You will also find really affordable places with high-quality accommodation to spend your time in.
  • In the Chesapeake Bay, you will get to see some of the oldest communities like St. Michaels, Oxford, and Easton.
  • You can visit some of the most beautiful mountains in Maryland, as well as the scenic trails in the state.
  • You will get to know about the culture and life of the Maryland residents in Chesapeake County.
  • Some of the liveliest festivals are held in Maryland. Once there, do not fail to miss out on the Maryland Craft Beer Festival and the Artscape festival.
  • Maryland has a lot of old history, and the place played a considerable role in the American Civil War. To know more about the past, you will need to visit the museums of the area.
  • If you are a lover of architecture, you will find many different historic buildings.

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Best Places You Must Visit In Maryland In 2023

From beaches to waterways to great food, Maryland has everything for you if you want to have a memorable and fun trip in 2023. You can either get views of the famous Chesapeake Bay or can visit the National Aquarium to look at the majestic views of the inside of the sea. Apart from that, you can also see major cities like Annapolis, and Baltimore, to name a few.

The following are the major places that are a must-visit for you in Maryland if you are visiting it for the first time in 2023:

1. Baltimore

Known for the famous Inner Harbor, the city of Baltimore also consists of the National Aquarium of the US. You will get to see more than 17000 aquatic species by visiting this place. You can also visit the Top Of the World observation deck, from which you can get a majestic view of the city.

2. Annapolis

The capital city of Annapolis is mainly known for its historic architecture and other attractions. One of the most popular places includes the Annapolis City Dock. Also, do not forget to take a tour of the US naval Academy.

3. Swallow Falls State Park

This place is just outside Oakland, and right through the border of the park flows the Youghiogheny River. Once there, do not forget to check out the Muddy Creek Falls, Swallow Falls, and Herrington State Park.

4. Frederick

The place is famous for its antique malls, beautiful architecture, and local artists. Some of the renowned places to visit include Barbara Fritchie House, Francis Scott Key Mall, and Market Street.

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5. Chesapeake Bay

This place consists of a vast estuary and is also known as the Great Shellfish Bay. Right on the waters, you will find several destinations to visit. Some of the must-visit places include Sandy Point and the Methodist Church.

6. Ocean City

This place is located on the Atlantic coast and is an excellent place for recreational activities. Consisting of a 10-mile sandy beach, you should also consider visiting the historic boardwalk on the southern side of the beach. In the area, you will also get access to museums, live performances, and great food.

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Final Thought

We hope that this guide is helpful for you to give you a basic idea of Maryland state. Although there are many more places to visit in Maryland, and many more things to do, for the sake of keeping the article brief, we have only included six places for you. However, these six places are a must-visit on your first trip. If you find out someplace that you think must be included in this article, comment down below. Also, comment about the things that enable the place to be deserving to be on this list.

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