6 Tips to Boost Spa Gift Certificate Sales

It’s gift certificate time, the holidays are less than 8 weeks away and everyone is looking for that perfect gift for friends, co-workers, and family. Your business should be paying special attention to them and providing your clients with an easy, efficient way to give a gift.

According to the National Retail Federation, for the eighth year in a row gift cards are the most requested gift item among those celebrating the holidays. According to the survey, 62% say they’d most like to receive a gift card.

There is no doubt that capturing holiday certificate sales is a must. Questions about how to sell more spa gift certificates are among the most common inquiries from our spa consulting clients. After all, increasing spa profits is the name of the game. Here are some ideas to put your spa business and gift cards as top of mind for your clients.

Create Custom Gift Certificate Packages:

Download free gift certificate templates from Square.

Create 8-10 certificate packages from your menu at various price points. Yes, you can sell a monetary amount, but that is not very personal from the gift giver. Providing “select packages” to choose from, allows the giver to feel that they are giving something special and selected personally for the recipient.

Ideas to add to packages:

4 Ways to Promote Your Gift Card Program - Betterpay

Gift the giver: For a set certificate amount, incentivize the purchaser with either a mini service, product, or additional gift certificate at a discounted price. You could give a grouping of select products with gift certificates over $250 or a robe. For gift certificates over $100, they could receive a manicure or mini spa service in addition. Use gift certificates as a means to cross-promote additional services in your spa.

Cross-promote with another local business, such as jeweler, clothing store, or florist.

Donate a percentage of your certificates to a local cause or national charity. Customers will feel good about giving and you will too.

Make it a Gift

DIY Gift Box / How to make Gift Box ? Easy Paper Crafts Idea - YouTube

When you sell a certificate, make it a gift. Fully dress your gift certificate in a beautiful bag with tissue, ribbon, menu, and any other necessary information. When a customer is spending money on your business, they want to feel that they are getting something special. Remember, the client experience starts with the first interaction that they have with your business. Nothing is more disappointing when you buy a gift certificate and it is handed to you in an envelope with the receipt. The message is ” you are not that important”. Your customer should be able to take your packaging and give it ‘as is’ for a lovely, visually appealing gift.

Promote Your Gift Certificates

Gift certificates should be easy to purchase. A suggestion is to have your “special packages” blown up to poster size and mounted and placed on an easel. You can use a spa poster at your spa reception for guests to see. Have smaller tent cards placed on manicure tables and pedicure stations, as well as all relaxation and retail areas in your spa. When checking clients out, desk staff should always ask if they would like to purchase a gift certificate.

Update your website with your holiday gift certificate promotions and specials. Be sure that you are promoting across your social media channels at regular intervals. Facebook 2-3 times a day and Twitter up to 10 times a day.

Offer certificates online for immediate download. Ask your web designer to add online gift certificate purchases to your site. Currently, the average shopper will do 44% of their shopping online. It is a great convenience for people purchasing gifts from out of state.

Set up a Gift Certificate Station


Have a designated table for certificates starting right after Thanksgiving. Customers who are coming in for a certificate want to be in and out, not waiting in line at the spa reception.

Train Your Staff

How to Train Your Staff

Train, train, train. We can not emphasize this enough. Your staff needs to uncover the desires of your customer and direct them to the right gift suggestion as well as make them feel that they are buying an experience. Asking open, probing questions will expedite the sale. You do not want to sell only a monetary amount, you want to sell an experience. Hurried, disconnected staff is a turn-off and your customer will go elsewhere.


“I would like to buy a gift certificate please.”

Certainly, did you have a price point in mind?

“I would like to spend $100.”

Excellent, we have some wonderful services and packages. May I ask who this gift is for?

“Yes, my mother.”

Create service cheat sheets, with the features/benefits of all packages and treatments. Make sure all staff have these and can appropriately sell your services.

Incentivize Your Desk Staff

Front-Desk Staff As A Distribution Channel - STAAH Blog

Selling certificates is a great way for desk staff to make some additional bonus dollars. Set weekly gift certificate sales goals and bonus your front desk if they meet the goals over the holiday month. You can offer a percentage of sales, a cash bonus, or $100 gift certificates. The desk is a busy time of year and you want your team on task. Staff your desk accordingly, so there is enough staff to sell certificates and take care of spa guests.

Take a couple of hours to prepare and get your spa ready for gift certificate season. Make sure you are well supplied with wrapping materials, certificates, and decorations. Have a staff meeting this month to discuss your program and get your team excited about the holiday season.