Shower Heads

9 Styles of Shower Heads: Which Style Is Yours?

We all spend a substantial time in our bathroom to shower and cleanse ourselves before getting ready for the day and again once we’re back from a hectic day’s work. And you need a suitable shower head to get the best showering experience to relax and cool your body.

Here are the nine styles of shower heads from which you can select the best one for your showering needs:

1. Hand Held Showers

A handheld shower is convenient to bathe your kids, washing your pet dog, or rinsing the shower walls. Furthermore, the handheld shower is helpful for elderly and disabled persons. Handheld showers are available from affordable models with basic features to pricey models with top-end features.

Advantages: It is cost-effective, and even elderly and disabled individuals can use it with ease.
Drawbacks: Susceptible to leaks.

2. Wall Mounted Shower Heads

Wall-mounted shower heads are mounted to the bathroom wall and are an extensively used style in Australia. They are cost-effective, come with fewer moving parts, are easy to install, and have lower maintenance. And some wall-mounted shower heads are available with adjustable spray patterns, so you can customise your showering experience to best suit your preferences. Several wall-mounted shower heads have an adjustable arm, so people with a range of heights can use them comfortably.

Advantages: Affordable, adjustable water spray, and height, low on maintenance.
Drawbacks: Limited styles available.

3. Rain Shower Head

A rain shower head is mounted to the ceiling or to the wall with a longer arm. It gives you the experience of getting wet in rain from the safety of your bathroom. Ceiling-mounted rain shower heads need pipes to be run in your ceiling, which makes installation expensive.

Advantages: Relaxing showering experience. Elegant looks.
Drawbacks: Minimal adjustability and spray settings, lower water pressure, expensive to buy and install than other shower head types.

4. Double Shower Heads

If you want the feel of a rain shower head but don’t want a low-pressure shower, then dual shower heads are precisely what you need. Dual shower heads integrate two different types in one unit – usually, handheld and rain types.

With double shower head type, you can get two distinct showering experiences – for instance, a mild and soothing shower with a rain type one day and a high pressure, massaging shower with different spraying patterns the next day.

Advantages: You get two types of shower heads in one set.
Drawbacks: Expensive and occupy more space than other types.

5. Rail Shower Heads

If your family members all have different heights, then a rain shower head/ sliding bar can be very helpful as it can be adjusted to suit different heights. Rail shower heads come with multiple spray patterns and are available in a range of prices, so you’ll get a rail shower head to suit your home.

Advantages: It offers adjustable height and sprays patterns.
Drawbacks: It needs more space than other shower heads.

6. High-Pressure Shower Head

A high-pressure shower head offers a steady stream of pressurised water, which is ideal for giving your muscles a relaxing massage. High-pressure water means that your shower head will need to be changed more frequently than other shower head types.

Advantages: It has the unique feature of massaging your body while you shower.
Drawbacks: It raises the water bill and wears out quicker than other types.

7. Low-Flow Shower Head

If you want to reduce your water consumption and lower your water bill, then a low-flow shower head is a perfect choice. Available in different styles, these water-efficient shower heads use significantly less water than traditional ones.

Advantages: Lowers your household water usage and your water bill.
Drawbacks: They have lower pressure water, pricier to purchase.

8. Panel Shower Head

Select a panel shower head if you want the most comfortable showering experience in your bathroom. The panel shower head comes with many features such as spray pattern settings, temperature control, led lighting, etc. They come with an overhead shower and handheld shower, so you can enjoy both relaxing rain showers and water pressure.

Advantages: Highly customisable shower settings, they come with two different shower heads, which makes a style statement.
Drawbacks: Two holes need to be drilled in your bathroom wall and require a professional installation at, a high upfront cost.

9. Filtered Shower Head

Is your area suffering from the impacts of hard water? Hard water makes it tough for soaps and shampoos to lather up, leave your clothes feeling stiff, and will leave marks on your clean dishes and fixtures. A filtered shower head offers the best solution for hard water in your shower.

Advantages: Healthier hair and skin, soaps and shampoos lather up easily.
Drawbacks: Depending on your water hardness, you may have to change filters regularly – every 6 months or so, with limited styles and spray patterns.

Final Words

Whether you’re building a new bathroom or going for a quick bathroom makeover, choosing a suitable shower head is imperative, as it can provide you with a satisfying showering experience and enhance the ambience of your bathroom.