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A Guide to Access Your Internet Browser History

There was once a time when accessing bank transactions required visiting the office in person. Similarly, getting details of phone data also demanded effort and verifications. However, times have changed now. Accessing data is easier, simpler, and safer. For example, if users wish to see their internet history, they don’t have to dial the Cox customer care number or get in touch with other ISP. Instead, they can do it through their desktop computer, laptop, or phone. Plus, it’s not even as tricky or tech-savvy as it sounds. 

How to Access Internet Browser History on a PC / Laptop

Regardless of the model and specifications of the computer, users can easily access their browsing history through the search engine they use. If this search engine is Google Chrome, the process is pretty simple: 

  • Switch on the computer and open Google Chrome.
  • If the browsing history of a particular user account is required, log into that account. 
  • On the top right corner, spot the three vertical dots and click on them.
  • Select History. 

To Clear Some or All the Browsing Data: 

  • On the left side, spot the option Clear Browsing Data and click on it. 
  • A small box will open on the screen. 
  • Using the drop-down menu, select the data to delete. 
  • To clear all the data, click on All Time. 
  • Click on Clear Data to finalize the transaction. 

How to Access Internet Browser History on Android Phone / Tablet

The great part about advanced browsing technology is that people no longer necessarily require a computer or a laptop to access the data. Instead, it can easily be done on an Android phone or tablet. Here are the simple steps to do this: 

  • Switch on the gadget and open the Chrome application. 
  • Near the top right corner, spot More (alongside three vertical dots) and tap on History. An important disclaimer here is that if the address bar is around the bottom, users can swipe up on it. Then, tap on History. 
  • To visit a particular site, click on the specific entry. 
  • To open it in a new window or tab, click on the entry and hold it. Then, click More around the top right corner and select Open in New Tab. 
  • To copy the site link, click on the entry and hold it. Then, tap on More again and select Copy Link.

To Clear Some or All the Browsing Data:

  • Open the Chrome application on the Android tablet or phone. 
  • Click on More around the top right corner and select History. 
  • Select Clear Browsing Data. 
  • To delete some of the histories, check particular dates next to the label “Time Range.” To clear all of it, select All Time.
  • Also, tick the box alongside Browsing History and untick any data that is not to be deleted. 
  • Select Clear Data to finalize the transaction. 
  • To delete something from the search history, users can go into My Activity and select the items to remove.

How to Access Internet Browser History On iPhone 

The Android versus iPhone debate needs no introduction; the differences between the two are well-known. So, to no one’s surprise, accessing browser history is also different for Android and Apple gadgets. However, the simplicity and ease remain common: 

1. Is Internet History Even Stored on an iPhone? 

Some users are unaware that their iPhone stores data and browsing history. This data includes cookies, cache, and search history. For those who are shocked and have questions as to why their data is being stored, it has four reasons:

  1. The loading times become faster.
  2. It populates web forums and platforms.
  3. Monitoring and storing data help tailor and manage advertisements.
  4. It provides accurate records of web searches for future reference and legal issues.  

2. How to View the Browsing Data

Accessing, managing, and deleting browsing data on an iPhone has only a few simple steps: 

  • Switch on the iPad or iPhone and open Safari.
  • On the left, the bottom toolbar has a back arrow button.
  • Immediately after, the browser history menu will open on the screen.
  • Users can open any link to any site they want. 

To Clear Some or All the Browsing Data

  • Open Settings and tap on Safari. 
  • Select Clear History, then Website Data.
  • To remove all the cookies but retain history, open Settings, tap on Safari and click on Advanced.
  • Then, tap on Website Data and select Remove All Website Data.


Users no longer have to be technologically advanced to access their browsing data. Search engines like Google Chrome and Safari have made it easy, simple, and safe for users of all backgrounds. They can now view the history, manage it, and delete it whenever they want. Besides, in modern times, technology is all about convenience!