A thunderous new wave of marketing: Customised Insulated Bags

The new normal now is to ditch traditional ways of marketing your brand. In this article, we will discuss promotion through custom promotional cooler bags to help your customers keep any food or beverage cool and fresh for consumption.

How cool is this idea? Anyone can customize a tote bag or drinkware or stationary, but this is where you have the first-mover advantage. The idea behind a portable cooler bag is that it works due to a combination of insulation and ice. The insulation line placed inside a bag helps slow the circulation of hot air inside the bag and helps keep any food or beverage cold.

The real deal is to customize a cooler bag with your company’s logo or any message your company stands firm for. The customers can relate to your brand just by reading or listening to it. In this way, people who notice the promotional cooler bags will not see the food stored inside but will instantly notice your company name and logo.

This will lead to increased brand awareness and recognition, which is what the brand wants.

Also, this particular item, i.e., an insulated bag, can be used by anyone – who doesn’t need a few cold and fresh beverages after a long and tiring day while on a picnic with your family and also who doesn’t like a salad or a few ice-creams. It is so versatile and useful that everyone who receives such a cool bag can not use it.  

How can one choose the right cooler/insulated bag for promotional activities?

  • Before you finalize any insulated bag, one has to decide what they are looking for, do they need a cooler bag that stores food for less than a day or one that keeps food cool till no end.
  • Within a cooler bag, there should also be internal compartments that can keep food at a normal temperature. It should cater to both the needs of keeping food cold and at a normal temperature and provide the convenience of not using different bags.
  • The most important thing that differentiates insulated bags from normal storage bags is insulation. All the energies should be directed towards understanding the power of insulation a particular bag can provide and should aim to invest in the best quality as the utility of a well-insulated bag is of utmost importance.
  • The custom insulated bags should have an ample amount of internal compartments to store various types of food, such as a beverage holder, something to store boxes of salads, fresh fruits, or cold-cut meat.
  • The size and weight of an insulated bag are very crucial. You have to be quite accurate to provide ultimate convenience for the user. The size should be not too small, which can’t fit two or three boxes, and neither should the size be too huge, which makes it inconvenient to carry.
  • One should be well versed with the material used to manufacture the insulated bag, and some of them are hard plastic, vinyl, nylon, or some metal.

Following the pointers mentioned above, you can never go wrong in making your decision.