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A Useful Guide On Applying For Canada Work Permit

Canada offers a wide range of lucrative jobs and promising careers for immigrants. Applying for a Visa Canada Work Permits can be tricky owing to the comprehensive procedures and periodic changes in norms. Either you need to research the rules and regulations at length to apply correctly, or seek professional guidance. Irrespective of your choice, here are some useful work permit details that you should be aware of.

Types of Visa Canada Work Permit

There are two categories of work permit for Canada:-

  1. Open Work Permit- Under this category, you can work for any Canadian employer apart from those who are ineligible.
  2. Employer Specific Work Permit- This is for foreign nationals who have already received a job offer from a Canada-based employer. So the work permit is only valid for the duration that you are working for a particular employer.

Checking your Eligibility for Canada Work Permit

Whether it is an open work permit or an employer-specific one, you need to check your eligibility as per the following parameters:-

  • Provide assurance that you will depart from Canada after your work permit expires.
  • Show financial proof for the ability to support yourself (and your dependents if any) during your stay there.
  • Sign an agreement that you will respect and abide by all Canadian laws while staying there.
  • Agree to undergo a through medical examination by a Canadian government authorized medical facility.
  • Agree not to accept any job offer from an ineligible employer in Canada (the list of such employers/job categories will be shared with you).
  • Agree not to become a threat to the law and order situation thereby pursuing any illegal activity.
  • Agree to provide biometric data as requested by the government during the application procedure. This is for the purpose of generating your biometric card which will ease out your airport travel. It will also serve as ID proof for traveling and working in Canada.
  • Needless to state, a Police Verification Certificate is compulsory for all those who are applying for a canada permanent resident visa.

What are the documents required for Work Permit for Canada Process?

There are multiple documents required that cover your personal and professional credentials both. Apart from this, you need to have the latest Police Verification Certificate, Medical Certificate, and the relevant offer letter for Employer-Specific Work Permit. The application process requires meticulous attention to detail so that you don’t miss out on any minute aspect. If you have sufficient time and resources, you can apply on your own. Otherwise, relying on a Regulated Canadian top immigration consultant in Chennai is highly recommended.


Amongst the developed countries that Indians aspire to immigrate to Canada is definitely top-tier. Be it Software, Electronics, Medicine, Hospitality, Retail, Finance, or Agriculture, there are plentiful jobs for professionals across multiple sectors. The modern facilities, social security, and medical benefits make it all the more worthwhile. If you are planning to work and settle in Canada, the above Work Permit for Canada Process can be helpful.

Source: A Useful Guide On Applying For Canada Work Permit