Advantages of carpet tiles over carpet rolls

All types of buildings must have a primer. From concrete blocks in the parking lot to Italian marble floors, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, vinyl and all-time favorite carpets. Newer carpets and carpet tiles

All types of floor coverings meet specific needs. And this should be the main factor behind the type of hosting chosen. Unlike all other types of flooring, carpet tiles and rugs in this section are required for both residential and commercial applications.

There are some key differences between commercial and residential needs. as well as some similarities

Some similarities between the two terms are:

1. Both feet are softer. On the other hand, there is no hard floor. The differences are easy to explain if you look at the examples. Just notice the difference between standing on the concrete for hours and a soft carpet.

2. Various colors and designs While hardwood floors have a futuristic design. variety of tones and shades as well as the thickness and variety of yarn used. This results in a wider range of colours. Carpets can also mix threads, structure and thread heights. Carpet tile manufacturers also offer patterns and designs that are printed on carpets. This increases the diversity.

3. It is insulated and soundproof both at home and in the office.

When you compare carpet tiles to commercial carpet tiles rolls The first thing you notice is that tiles have much less waste due to their different sizes. Roll into a roll “x” yards long, but 12 feet wide and larger. Tiles come in a variety of sizes from 18 inches to 36 inches (up to 1 meter in some cases). And remember that rooms come in all shapes and sizes. Installing 36-inch carpet tiles is easier than a 12-foot roll of carpet. In both cases, excess material must be taken into account. But the general rule is 2% extra carpet tiles and 8 to 12% carpet rolls. This obviously has an impact on costs.

Installation is also much easier. in many cases with additional living toli carpet tiles (eg Milliken’s Legato carpets) that are glued as part of the underlying tile.

Another advantage is storage, transport and manoeuvrability. In all cases, square carpets are cheap. Moving a box is much easier than moving a long box. And it’s not just the weight But the size of the roll makes it heavier.

The effect of these tile features is that installation is easier, cheaper and gives you the flexibility to do it yourself or involve your installer.

Carpet tiles are used more often than people think, and more often than not you realize that the floor under your feet is carpet tile. How useful is carpet tile over regular carpet?

These tiles are suitable for different situations. Durable and replaceable if necessary Therefore, if one of the tiles is damaged, you can only replace the carpet tiles instead of the entire carpet. So for people with children or pets. Stains and stains are not a problem, in many situations you can remove carpet tiles. clean if necessary and put it back in. If not, there is a chance it can be replaced.

*Note that if the tile is removed for a long time. If you replace it with a new tile, a color mismatch will be displayed. Fortunately, many places sell refurbished and recycled tiles. And these well-cleaned but used tiles can be the perfect way to replace damaged tiles with a slightly worn look that might suit your current tile a little better.

Suitable for large spaces where regular rugs are not big enough. or for very small and inconvenient areas where the carpet is too large or the cut shape is more complicated. Tile is common in offices where carpet is too expensive and a nightmare to fit. as well as the same shop floor. Other common locations include sheds and attic conversions. as well as classrooms or waiting rooms

Another advantage is that you can use them to create different patterns and effects. So you can match any tile to create a mosaic. and other shapes and sizes. This is common in areas such as shop floors, receptions and waiting rooms.

As we said at the beginning of this article, the strange thing is a lot of people don’t even realize that the carpet under their feet isn’t a carpet at all. But it consists of carpet tiles!