App Store Optimization- Make Your Apps Rank Higher

In today’s world, most consumers operate online, most of which are on their mobiles. Businesses are tapping into this market by creating mobile applications to boost their sales. But there are over 2 million apps on both the Google and Apple stores, and so apps now have to optimize their resources. You must use app store optimization services to ensure your app ranks at the top and attracts more consumers. This optimization is vital for your app to get noticed and to help convert.

Why Is App Store Optimization Necessary?

● App store optimization is necessary to ensure your apps rank high on Android, iOS platforms, or both.

● You have to make your app stand out so that people notice it and want to download it.

● You can generate conversations after people view your app and find it appealing.

● It is necessary to keep your app in the limelight, and creating a loyal customer base is essential. FLOORING SERVICES

How to Get Your App Noticed?

You can use app store optimization like how you hire SEO Experts for your websites. Simply put, with some mobile app marketing services, you can get your app to the top to attract more customers.

  1. Identify the appropriate keywords.

● Just like SEO, app store optimization techniques use strong keywords to help apps rank higher.

● You should search or use marketing tools to find your app’s high and moderately ranked keywords.

● Try to fit at least five keywords in app descriptions, but don’t overstuff them.

● It should rank high in the app store and make sense to the consumer.

● You should also avoid using conjunctions or prepositions in the keywords.

● You must use a keyword that is relevant to your app and will increase its visibility.

● Use the singular or plural forms that are popular.

● Keep updating the keywords to stay relevant.

2. Use a catchy name 

A catchy title is a crucial marketing strategy that can make or break your app. People will click on a mobile app that has a unique and catchy name. It should be user-friendly as well as relevant to your product or services. You should try using a keyword in the title, as it can increase your rank by up to 50–100 spots.

3. Create an Effective Description

When people read your app name, they will want to know a little about it. But since consumers have a short attention span, they will not spend too much time on it. You, therefore, must create a description that is both informative and creative. Try to add as many relevant keywords as possible without overstuffing them. You can use bullet points to clarify the description and keep it short and crisp.

4. Include Screenshots

● One of the best ways to ensure the engagement of the customer in an app store is by including screenshots of your app.

● This has proven highly effective in generating interest and can lead to conversions.

● You should include catchy and vibrant screenshots of your app services.

● You can also include bold headlines with highlighting features with the screenshots.

● It is important to highlight the important features in these screenshots, so users know what to expect.

● There are many mobile app marketing services you can use to optimise your screenshots and attract more customers.

5. Incorporate A Video

Both the Google Ads and Apple play stores allow businesses to include a 30-second video demonstration of their app. This video can showcase your key features and keep them simple. However, consumers use around 7 seconds to decide if they will watch that video. Therefore, you must use that short time to engage them and make them want to click on your app.

6. Reviews and Ratings

One key app store optimization service is to include ratings and reviews for your app. Most users will click on and download an app with good ratings and client reviews. You should ensure you keep sending notifications to your regular clients using the app to review it. More positive reviews will also boost the conversion rate and keep a loyal base of customers.

7. App Icon

Lastly, the app icon is critical in attracting consumers. You should create an icon that represents your app and is also lively. You should avoid copying others’ designs and look at unique designs that suit consumers’ interests.


It is essential to use the app store optimization services to ensure your app ranks highly. This will lead to more downloads and more visibility for your brand. But, most importantly, you must also remember to keep updating your app to avoid any glitches.

Author Bio: – Rudra Kumar is an Assistant General Manager of search operations at Techmagnate with more than 10+ years of experience in search engine optimisation. He has helped many businesses in growing revenue via search engines of his strengths.