Back Pain Reasons

Back Pain Reasons: How high heels and smoking also cause back pain know

It is estimated that around 80% of adults experience back pain at a certain point in their life. Knowingly or unknowingly, there are several things that you do that contribute or aggravate your back pain condition. 

Therefore, there are chances that, unknowingly, you might be contributing to making your back pain worse. You might be unknowingly stressing or straining your muscles and joints. There might be several harmful daily habits that you might have adopted at some point that are harmful to your back. 

If you are suffering from back pain and you want to know the Back pain reasons, read through the article to know more about what is worsening your back pain:

  • Your Pair Of Favorite High Heels 

It is most commonly noticed that nothing can be more painful and torturous than your favourite pair of high heels. High Heels that are taller than one inch can create pressure in your back that results in changing the curvature of your spine. Therefore when you wear high heels, it makes your back muscles work harder than they deserve.

Heels that are unnaturally high can also cause pain around your neck to your lower back. Therefore it is always suggested that you must wear proper and appropriate shoes that support your Spine and help to maintain a comfortable and normal position. 

  • Your Smoking Habit 

It is not uncommon, and most of us are aware of the fact that nicotine restricts blood flow to the disc, which helps to cushion your vertebrae. This then further increases the rate of degeneration. When there is a loss of cushioning in your back, it can aggravate back pain.

Consumption of cigarettes can also reduce calcium absorption and prevent new bone growth. Therefore it also leaves the smoker with an elevated risk of osteoporosis.  

  • The Mattress To Sleep On 

You are right to blame your bed if you wake up each day with excruciating and torturous back pain. It is usually noticed when an individual changes and invests in the right kind of mattress for their bed; they are being proactive and making changes to make their condition better. 

When the mattress to sleep on is sagging, it can result in back pain or General Body stiffness. This is one of the major Back pain reasons. When you have a sagging mattress, it is usually impossible to maintain proper posture while you are sleeping. 

A Sagging mattress also does not support your neck properly while you are sleeping. It is usually appropriate that when one sleeps, the neck and the rest of the spine must always be in a neutral position.   

  • Slouching 

When an individual does not have proper posture, their bones and muscles put additional stress on the spine. Over a period of time, this stress caused by poor posture and slouching can change the structure of one’s spine. 

Therefore if you want to avoid back injury, it is usually suggested that you must try to stand with your knees slightly bent. It is usually advised that the man you are trying to sit with, your hips must be placed slightly higher than your knees. 

  • Your Lifting Form

Several individuals tend to injure their backs while they lift heavy objects. When there is a constant repeat of action where individuals lift items incorrectly, this might lead to back pain. 

It is suggested that one must bend the knee and use the power of their legs while lifting any heavy object. Be sure to keep the weight of the item close to your body. Furthermore, keep your head down and make sure to keep your back straight to avoid any accidents. 

  • Your Stress And Anxiety Level

Another common and known cause of back pain is anxiety and stress. You can experience chronic back pain if you are experiencing a tough time in life and you are dealing with anxiety. 

Finishing Lines

Back pain is a very common health problem that most individuals experience. However, it is commonly noticed that an individual having several unfavorable lifestyle habits might aggravate this condition. 

There are several Lifestyle choices that you make that can contribute to your back pain. Hence if you are experiencing excruciating back pain, then you must consult with the best Orthopedic doctor at the Apollo Hospital and seek further consultation.