Benefits To Study In Ireland 

Do you know why a one-year course in Ireland to Indian students is sought-after often in the present?

A variety of programs, MS in Computer Science, IT, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Management and Business Analytics are in the top 10 globally. A majority of Indian students enroll in the Masters program to reap the benefits that we have listed below. Achieving the MS diplomas in Ireland ensures a good chance of finding work in Ireland.

Additionally, Irish universities boast high research outputs, which is the hallmark of a great postgraduate destination for study.

The advantages of studying at Ireland is for Indian students

Here are the main reasons you should consider getting an MS diploma as well as an MBA with a degree in Ireland is a lucrative option and could transform your life. Particularly for an Indian student, you enjoy numerous advantages.

Certain benefits will be there before you begin your journey!

The Benefits of Studying a 1-year Masters in Ireland

Absolutely, Indian students are constantly in the midst of having to settle down fast. A one-year Masters program at an Irish university could help reduce this. It is possible to accelerate their hopes of obtaining an MS degree, and then relocate to a foreign country earlier than peers from other nations!

Let’s enumerate and describe the advantages below:

Rejoin the workforce with top-quality skills earlier. Some students have a year off to complete their education and then resume their work with the company they worked for previously. This is possible if you pursue a Masters or a PhD in Ireland. Furthermore, a break of one year to pursue your education is less detrimental to your resume. It is also possible to enter the workforce earlier and take a step towards getting off your loan.

Costs Less: In comparison to a two-year course the 1-year Masters in Ireland costs less.

Resume If you are enrolled in a Masters program in Ireland you must complete 90-credits in one year. Naturally, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort throughout the entire year. Therefore, this could bode positively on your CV.

100% visa approval

Both Ireland as well as India were both impacted by the consequences of British colonization and imperialism during the early 1900’s. Today, both countries have friendly relations due to which there’s less than a 5percent chance that your visa will be rejected for Indian students who wish to study in Ireland.

Not impressed?

DAVID FLOOD, Director, India and South Asia, Enterprise Ireland provides an amazing statistic. It is estimated that the Irish immigration approval of Indian students has increased to more than 100percent over the past 5 years.

During Study Benefits

So , what happens to Indian students once they have come to take classes in Ireland?

Highly Quality Education

It was found that the International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate) discovered that students who are pursuing their MS master’s degree from Ireland expressed high satisfaction with their experience in school. Of course! Why would they not?

All MS degrees offered in Ireland have a one-year duration. The students will be ready to join the workforce in one year.

Irish institutions and universities are internationally renowned for their courses for Science, Technology, Math Teaching, Medicine, Finance and Business that are recognized and accredited worldwide.

The most important thing is that the tuition cost is less expensive to study within Ireland specifically for Indian students than in other most popular destinations.

Additionally, Irish universities are ranked among the top universities worldwide in terms of equal gender representation and climate action according to The Times Higher Education’s (THE) university impact rankings.

Part-Time Opportunities in Ireland While Studying

While studying during their time in Ireland, Indian students can take up to 20 hours per week. According to the latest statistics on labor, Ireland has more than 400000 people who are employed in part-time jobs. As the regional economy expands and new companies start to emerge the number of part-time jobs will grow in a steady manner. Irish universities also provide teaching assistant jobs in which students help professors with their academic obligations and receive the money for it.

Indian Students studying in Ireland will be permitted to work 40 hours a week, but only from June to September and from the 15th of December through 15th January all inclusive. All other times students are allowed to be employed for 20 hours a week during their studies.

A Hub for Global Corporations

The technological environment in Ireland is not to be laughed at.

Ireland has more than 1000 multinational corporations, the primary reason for this is Ireland’s liberal FDI policies as well as the ease to conduct business. This allows for the entry of talent around the globe.

Many of these companies are seeking MS degrees from Irish universities for areas such as Artificial Intelligence, ICT, telecom, and life sciences. Numerous companies – including Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Roche, Abbott and others are headquartered in Ireland. European offices in Ireland. There are a variety of internships available for new Indian students who are studying in Ireland.

On the other hand it increases their chances of securing full-time work.

Safe, Friendly, Party and Quality of Lifestyle

Excited to apply for the Masters and a PhD, you may leave the caution to the wind and not read up on the attitudes of the destination toward foreign students. While Ireland’s chilly climate is often accused of being hostile, the Irish are extremely friendly. Indian students studying in Ireland feel safe and relaxed, and their learning time is an unforgettable experience.

Take a look at the following statistics:

  • Ireland is among the most friendly nations on earth. 1.5 million people from all over the globe responded to Big 7 Travel in a survey which found that Cork (17th) as well as Dublin (6th) have been rated as among the most friendly cities in the world.
  • In the United Nations’ Annual, Human Development Index, Ireland is 3rd with regards to quality of life.
  • Irish citizenship is considered to be the 2nd most prestigious anywhere in the world.
  • In terms of women’s security, Ireland is one of the most secure countries, placing 7th within the EU and 16th globally.

Are you still unsure about whether to pursue a degree or study in Ireland for an Indian student? Contact us and we can help connect you with former students.

Rich Culture and Heritage

You can have an unforgettable experience in 360 degrees through your study abroad experience only by reading and absorbing academic writings and the culture surrounding you. If you’re a bookworm or a history enthusiast or a lover of culture, then you should not look any further western Europe than Ireland. The most enjoyable aspect of studying in European countries is that each country is unique from each other in terms of architecture, history, music, race, etc.

Ireland isn’t just recognized for its education, but for reasons similar to these too.

Dublin is the capital city of the Emerald Isle, is a famous tourist destination that is filled with museums, parks and monuments to literary luminaries like Oscar Wilde, Joyce Meyer and many others. Pubs that are around 1000 years old are found in the downtown. Celebrations like Halloween as well as St. Patrick’s Day originated in Ireland.

The experience of studying within Ireland to Indian students is a thrilling experience for those who love traveling to different places and capturing the green landscapes of nature through their photography abilities.

Are you also familiar with these films such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, P.S I Love You, Game of Thrones. The films all were shot in Ireland. The beauty of Ireland’s landscapes awakens the long-dormant desires to travel. The West Coast throngs breath-taking scenic docks, rocky coastlines, docks and castles. You must visit these locations while working towards the MS master’s degree in Ireland.

A dynamic, growing Indian community has sprung up in Ireland

In 2011, the Irish Minister of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton TD, aimed at bringing more than 100,000 Indian students that are transferring abroad to pursue their studies each year into the Irish workforce. Thus, between 2013 and 2017, Ireland saw a 45 percent increase in the number of international students settling in Ireland.

In 2015, approximately 266,000 Indians were living in Ireland and of them, around 9000 were second-generation Indians. They are employed in health care (doctors as well as nurses) and engineering, IT, and managerial posts. Based on DBEI (Department of Business Enterprise, Innovation and Enterprise) The majority of work permits were granted to Indian students more than any other nationality in areas such as IT, ICT, Finance, Medical and Business in the year 2019.

There are a lot of local firms in Dublin that have Indian managers and owners and managers, which could result in part-time work if you receive their support. “Muqqabla”, “Urvashi” are a few tracks that have been rocking the streets of these local establishments. There is no reason to forgo rice, dal , and curry once you’ve left India.



An academic year within Ireland to Indian students is incredibly beneficial. It’s a sure way to get a job in Ireland and also get an employment permit in Ireland with the two years of a critical skills work permit. We are able to connect you with Indian students studying in Ireland to inquire about your program and verify the advantages we’ve mentioned previously for studying with the case of Indian students Study Abroad in Ireland.