Best Inverter To Buy for Your Home This Summer

Everyone is struggling with the elongated summers this year. It has become quite unbearable for many to beat the heat. Moreover, there are still many areas in India that suffer unpredicted power cuts, and that we cannot afford in this fast-paced world. Picking a trusted inverter for your home has become the priority to sustain in these changing weather conditions. You need to have an inverter at home to run all necessary appliances, whenever there is a power cut. Picking the best inverter battery for home is not so simple as there is a wide array of power backup products available amidst the prevailing competition in the market. Latest innovations and technology have led to the development of new useful features and more advanced devices to fulfil customer preferences and demands. If you are also looking for an inverter for your home or office, continue reading to know about some of the inverters performing well in the market these days.


This single battery model is manufactured by Amaze India, a fast emerging inverter brand in India. This model is crafted to cater to your daily basic requirements of load capacity up to 504W. It enables fast charging and keeps the system ready to use for any further power cuts. You can hassle-free run fans, laptops, LED television, computer, and lights on it.

Luminous Zelio

This model is introduced by the famous Luminous company. It is designed to optimally charge the batteries by proper calculation and checking up of the backup and the charging time. Its LED display reflects the backup time, charging time, battery water level, and much more clearly. It comes in two modes i.e. UPS mode as well as Eco mode. In Eco mode, the consumption of battery power is reduced to increase the backup time.

Amaze AN 5500+


It is a power-packed inverter and offers superior performance. Your power cuts will go unnoticed after the installation of this excellent power backup solution. It can be effectively installed to look after your home or commercial establishment as well. You can run all the electrical appliances without any worry with it like AC, refrigerator, mixer grinder, etc. 

Microtek UPS Hybrid Inverter


It is a durable model introduced by the company. It is well suited to fulfil the requirements of your home and office. It supports an electrical load of up to 760W, so you can use it easily for your home use. Innovative hybrid technology keeps it sound-free and noiseless. It ensures prolonged battery life as well. 

Amaze is a well-trusted and one of the leading inverter brands in India. The company is committed to providing a wide array of power backup solutions including solar inverters, and high voltage stabilizers as well at affordable prices to cater to the needs of wider sections of society. The company offers doorstep delivery with assured after-sale services. Explore the website to select one to suit your home requirements!