Brother Printer Offline

Best Ways to Fix Brother Printer Offline Problem

Many things can cause your printer not to print the object or subject you want. If your printer is displaying “Printer Offline” when you try to print something, then continue reading this article. It will help you through the process of resolving why is my Brother Printer offline? This problem can be solved in many ways so you can print what you wanted.

How do I fix an offline problem in Windows?

If your device runs on Windows, you can use one of its built-in features to solve the problem. This feature allows you to toggle between offline and online modes so your brother printer can be used again.

If this fails, you may need to make necessary changes to fix the problem. To restore printer functionality, these changes will most likely need to be made in the printer setup.

Many ways to get your Brother printer back online.

There are many methods to get your brother’s printer online again, but they all need to be done correctly for the best results.

These troubleshooting techniques can get your printer back online without causing any malfunctions. These are the steps to get your brother’s printer back online.

  • Click the Start button on your computer, then enter “devices & printers” into the search bar.
  • Right-click the button to display devices or printers.
  • Click to view the printing options that were opened by the right-click of the devices or the brother printer button.
  • Next, click on the printer option and look for the checkmark at the front of the “Use Offline” button. Click on the checkmark to remove it.
  • To verify that it works, print a test copy. If it doesn’t work, move on to the next step.
  • Do the following basic troubleshooting steps. This involves turning off your printer and then disconnecting all cables from the printer.
  • After pressing the Start button for 2 minutes, plug all cables back into the computer.
  • Next, press the Start button again to start your printer.

Your brother may also not be able to get online because of confusion between two identical icons for printers offline that were listed in the Devices and Printers section.

This happens because your device has been compared to another printer driver similar more than once, which could have caused problems in distinguishing between them. Find out how to connect your brother printer to the Wi-Fi network

Your Brother printer is offline even though it’s online.

Windows users have reported thousands of times that their brother printer is offline, despite it displaying it as online. This error is common and easy to fix by using some common methods.

However, this can cause frustration for the user. They may become confused or frustrated when the printer isn’t online.

This is most common with printers that use Wi-Fi network connectivity. This isn’t a major problem, as the basic troubleshooting procedure can quickly resolve your problem.

You can also use the default password and username of the brother printer to log into the brother console to modify the settings.

This troubleshooting technique is very simple and can solve the problem. These are the steps to follow to successfully perform this troubleshooting procedure:

  • Right-click the start button from your desktop.
  • Click on the “devices & printers” option.
  • Now, look for your printer model.
  • Right-click the item after you have found it
  • Click on “See what’s printing”
  • Use the following basic troubleshooting techniques to reset the printer
  • To test whether the print worked, click on “set as default”.

Is your Brother printer connected via Wi-Fi, but not on Windows?

Sometimes, the brother printer you use can be connected to all required connections but still show on your windows device as offline. It could be due to a variety of basic reasons.

You can resolve this issue easily by following the basic troubleshooting steps that will be described later.

You can also find related guides and more information about printer offline fixes.

This is a minor issue that can be caused by improperly set up equipment. Before you begin troubleshooting the problem by following these steps, ensure that your brother is turned on and that there are no other issues that could be causing it to malfunction.

After that, you can troubleshoot your printer to get it back online.

  • The LED light on the brother printer should be checked. This will allow you to verify that the printer is on.
  • You should also check which plug your machine is connected to and what power it gets. Without it, the printer will not be able to function properly.
  • You should ensure that there are no flashing messages on your screen if the printer is having issues such as paper jamming or empty ink/toner.
  • Check that all wireless access points have been properly configured.
  • You should check the SSID and key of your connected wireless network. To obtain this information, you might need to contact your service provider.
  • To get a better connection, reduce the distance between your router and your brother.
  • Click on the Menu
  • Press Network, then click Ok
  • Click on the Setup Wizard button and then press OK.
  • Press on the triangle to display it on your screen.
  • Click OK. When the WLAN report starts printing and the wireless signal indicator lights up on your screen, your printer is now connected. Print is now possible

Once you have completed all the tasks, try printing a test page to verify that your printer is capable of printing anything. If your printer is not printing, you may need to contact the support team.

They will help you find the best solution to your problem and ensure that your printer works properly again.

You can also reset your brother printer to its default settings or perform the Brother printer WiFi setup from the beginning.


Many offline problems can arise with your brother’s printer, but they are not too difficult for you to fix them using the basic troubleshooting techniques and the methods described above.

All of the above-mentioned problems have had their solutions. Most likely, the results will be the same for you as for others who have followed their lead and referred to them for their solutions.

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