Blue Diamond Engagement Rings – Is This Realistic?

Blue diamond engagement rings are a great choice for couples who want something original and special. Natural blue diamonds are extremely rare. About one in 10,000 diamonds have any color, and a true blue diamond (a fancy blue diamond) is a deep blue, which is even rarer. You can get it, but it will be expensive – about 10-50 times more expensive than a similar quality/size colorless diamond. However, if you really want blue diamonds in your engagement ring, you have other options.

You can also use Lab Grown Diamonds UK these gems are made entirely in a lab using hot plasma and carbon dioxide to mimic natural growth. The same impurities that naturally form blue diamonds (boron or hydrogen) are added to make diamonds blue. Both this process and the above process produce a wonderful diamond, but the resale value is often very low. So, if you’re looking at your ring as an investment, it might not be the way to go.

There are many Blue Diamond options on a budget. The first must be a real diamond that has been colored. This is done in a laboratory in a process involving radiation and intense heat. Diamonds add intense color to any shade. This is a great option because you can choose the color and you use real diamonds.

Alternatively, if you want a natural cut blue diamond in your engagement ring, consider not getting a solitaire ring. For example, get a small blue diamond and surround it with a colorless diamond. While natural blue diamonds are definitely what every girl is looking for, man-made diamonds are also really amazing. It definitely gives you that unique and special ring that you want in an engagement ring.

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