Built 5 Important Smartphone Use Healthy Habits

Built 5 Important Smartphone Use Healthy Habits

We are getting addicted and extremely attached to our smartphones. If someone will say that you can no longer use your smartphone? Your first reaction will always be anger and it will feel like someone pulled a special part from your body. I’m not saying that you should forget about phones and stop using them altogether. However, we always have an option to build healthy smartphone use habits that don’t lead you to go astray. Today we will share 5 life-changing healthy smartphone use habits.

Your phone is somewhat necessary for a few aspects of your life. Still, it is a luxury and not a necessity and you should treat it the same. Sell old phones at Quickmobile and keep your life smartphone free for a few days before you invest in a new and better device.


  1. Avoid Close Contact with Your Body Part

A lot of women while going out to have a fun time wear a dress and don’t carry a clutch or purse. It means if they want to carry a lipstick tube or smartphone. They have to put it inside their bra. Just thinking about it gives me a shudder to understand how dangerous it can be for their health. You might end up getting breast cancer. If you continue with this unhealthy habit. Because when you receive calls and messages your smartphone is constantly working sending and receiving signals and erratic radiation is harmful to every human being.

If you are not keen on carrying a purse or clutch get a small-sized sling bag that resolves the issue positively. Even men should stop putting phones in their shirt front pockets. Carry a fanny pack or put it inside your pant pockets. A study shows the effect of erratic radiation can cause infertility issues in men so avoid it at all costs.


  1. Stop Streaming Videos for Your Kids

If a phone can be harmful to an adult, imagine what it could do to your little children? MWR or most commonly known as Microwave radiation can easily affect your little ones. Because their brain tissue is more absorbent than an adult and also their skull is thinner. Which makes them vulnerable to microwave radiation.

If your kid keeps on insisting to watch the video. You can always download or save what they like to watch on your phone. Put your phone on Airplane mode before handing it over to your kid. This way your phone won’t receive or send signals and harm your babies anyway.


  1. Put Your Phone on Night Mode

A good night’s rest is important for our body to function healthily. But do you know, if during the night time you binge-watch TV shows or movies on your phone? The bright blue light of your screen will influence your sleeping pattern. It will be hard for you to fall asleep and even if you manage to close your eyes. You will only manage to get restless sleep during the night. According to a Harvard study, this bright blue light also causes diabetes or obesity.

If you want to break this pattern then you should avoid the phone during nighttime and read a good book. It will help you fall asleep early. However, if you still want to use your mobile phone put your iPhone or Android phone on night mode. This will turn your phone screen into a yellowish color and it would be soothing for your eyes and doesn’t leave any long-lasting impact on your sleep.


  1. Set a Time

Are you one of those people who seek their phone out first thing in the morning? Well, it’s time for you to break this habit. When you first wake up take a walk, exercise, shower, eat your breakfast, and read your newspaper. You can even clean your house and run some errands. You should do everything and anything to keep yourself away from your phone for a few hours. Even during the daytime if you have your day off. Go out with your friends, and spend some time with your family.


  1. Put Your Phone on Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode

Nighttime is meant for us to sleep. You don’t have to respond to late-night texts and calls. But when your phone keeps on buzzing and vibrating on the nightstand your sleep gets disturbed. If you cannot switch off your phone because of an alarm. Therefore, you should put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode which is meant for the night and it will stop the incoming calls and messages. You can also opt for Airplane mode as an alternative.


Final Verdict:-  It’s high time that we stop letting our phones from controlling our minds and dictating our lives. Adopt these healthy smartphone use habits and change your lifestyle for a better and healthy future. A damaged phone can be harmful as well and looking for cost-effective online mobile repair services can be tiresome that’s where Quickmobile’s pocket-friendly reservice will prove its worth and repair your phone while using quality products.