Best CA Foundation May 2023 Result

6 VSI Tips to Get the Best CA Foundation May 2023 Result

In the following article, you’ll read the VSI Jaipur study tips to get the best CA Foundation result in the May 2023 exams. These tips are helpful for students who are serious about their career and want to become successful in CA. 

As you know, CA Foundation has a vast syllabus. You need to complete 4 papers in the given study period and also save time for revisions and mock tests. Therefore these tips by VSI Jaipur will help you in achieving your dream. 

The subjects you have to study to clear the CA Foundation are:

Paper 1: Principles and Practices of Accounting

Paper 2: Mercantile Law and General English

Paper 3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning

Paper 4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

VSI Jaipur is the best CA Foundation Coaching in India. It has the top-class faculty for teaching, which covers the whole syllabus on time using the latest and updated ICAI modules. After the syllabus completion, the focus must be on revisions, doubt classes, and mock tests. These three are necessary for the student to get the best results in the examination. 

VSI Study Tips for the Best CA Foundation Result 

  • Follow the study material provided by ICAI
  • Complete syllabus on time
  • Practice from the manuals
  • Solve mock test papers
  • Minimum three-time revision
  • Focus on self-study after completing the syllabus

VSI Study Tips for the Best CA Foundation Result

Follow the CA Foundation Study Material provided by ICAI

VSI advises students to follow the ICAI study material because it straightforwardly explains every topic and makes it easy for you to understand the concepts. Furthermore, ICAI completely follows its study materials to set the questions for the final exam. 

Students must also know that every year ICAI updates its study material, and they should use the last maodules. 

Complete the CA Foundation Syllabus on Time

To get a high CA Foundation result, completing the syllabus on time is crucial. To complete the CA Foundation syllabus, students must go with the speed of the class. After completing every topic from the class, study it from your side also. It will be helpful for you because it saves time in studying the topic again in the exams.

You can utilise this time in revising, solving the mock test papers, and practising the manuals.

For the syllabus completion, VSI advices students to follow this:

  • Make a study plan and stick it to your study table.
  • Set a goal of completing the topic with the flow of the class.
  • Resolve your doubts in the class itself.
  • Make short notes simultaneously. 

Practice from the Manuals

Practising from the manuals helps to improve your writing speed and increases your knowledge to solve problems. Practice manuals are effective because it helps you to know about new questions, which will help you in the exam to perform better.

Tips for practising the manuals for the best CA Foundation results:

  • Make in the habit of solving the manuals regularly.
  • Study and remember the topic. After that, solve the questions to clear the whole topic.
  • Through this process, you will save time and help you remember and keep it in your mind forever.

Solving CA Foundadtion Mock Test Papers are Crucial for the High Result

Solving CA Foundation mock test papers will help you practise the topics you have studied in the syllabus. Furthermore, you’ll learn about the new questions which will be helpful for you during the examination. 

Furthermore, solving mock test papers can help you calculate the time you spend on writing answers. Thus helping you to work on your writing speed. And, you can attempt all the questions in the exams. 

Revise the CA Foundation Course At least Three Times

For clearing the CA Foundation exam, revision is compulsory because CA has a vast syllabus to remember. For that, you have to revise the complete CA Foundation course for atleast three times. Revision helps during the examination time to keep all the topics in your mind. 

To revise the topics, you must use your short hand-written notes that you have prepared while studying for the first time. 

Focus on Self-studies

Self-study plays a vital role in clearing the CA Foundation Exams because it helps in clearing all the concepts, resolves all the minor mistakes regarding the topics, and, most importantly, helps to build self-confidence inside you. Self-study helps to examine yourself and makes you focus on your studies.

Some self-study tips by VSI Jaipur:

  • Self-study time must be of 10-12 hours.
  • Refrain from distracting yourself with any gadgets.


In this article, you have read the VSI Jaipur study tips to get the best CA Foundation May 2023 result. VSI is best because of its quality teaching by experienced faculties. 

It also provides personalized guidance to each student so that they can cross their limits and achieve the desired result. So, if you’re also searching for a good CA Foundation coaching, join VSI Jaipur now.