Can Mattress Promote Better Sleep

Do you know the impact of the quality of the sleep? Experts agree that sleep is a vital part of overall health. Quality sleep leads to increased productivity, mental health, improved athletic performance, better calorie regulation, and other benefits. 

People buy mattress online by watching advertisements without knowing the correct type of mattress and may ultimately have to run through certain health effects. 

So, let’s look at what experts believe and say about a mattress to get the right one. 

What Makes a Good Mattress?

Many factors make a mattress best out of rest. According to the research, a medium-firm mattress with adjustable firmness is one of the best as it increases comfort, makes the spine properly aligned, and enhances sleep. 

If your body aches or pain is the primary concern, you must look at the surface that you sleep on. In a study by NCBI, those who use medium-firm memory foam mattresses have less pain and fall asleep faster. 

Some key considerations make a mattress worthy such as the type of mattress, materials, thickness, density, care routine, extra, and price. 

Signs that your Mattress Taking a Toll on Your Good Night’s Sleep 

Have a look at some of these questions that question mark your mattress. 

  • Did you wake up feeling tired?
  • Do you get better sleep on another bed rather than on your new one?
  • Can you sense lumps, sagging, or springs in your mattress?
  • Do you need to lie in a specific place to get sleep?
  • Are you getting disturbed overnight by the movement in your mattress due to your sleeping partner? 

So, if any of these problems exist for you, you must know that your mattress is stealing your sleep health. 

How to Get the Right Mattress – Things to consider while buying the Mattress online 

There are plenty of things you need to decide when buying a mattress for sleeping. Make sure that you must consider the following before buying the mattress.

  • Talk & Try – There is no substitute for trying mattresses in person. It is a great way to narrow down things quickly and assist you in finding your likes & dislikes, especially when you are buying online. You can even start by asking your close ones, friends, and co-workers if they would suggest the mattress brand. 
  • Give Time – Indeed, spending at least 15-20 minutes on a mattress in your common sleeping position gives you a great idea of the mattress. Also, check the motion transfer from your sleeping partner where you’re lying. 
  • Look for Long Trials – If you have made up your mind to buy the mattress, then give it a try for at least 90 days. During this trial period, you will get a clear picture of the mattress. These days, mattress companies offer a trial period on the mattress so that the customers can easily understand the mattress. 
  • Mattress Material – It’s essential to know about the material of the mattress while buying the one. There are different materials used in mattresses, like innerspring & memory foam. You need to check which type of mattress is the best suit for you according to your body weight, size, and age, as body resistance may change with age. 
  • Size – Many buyers buy extra-long mattresses than their requirements. It’s good to check the size of the bed frame and then buy the mattress accordingly which fits it. 
  • Focus on comfort – A significant factor to consider when you buy mattress online or offline is comfort level. No matter how expensive your mattress is, if you aren’t getting quality sleep, it is no use.
  • Check customers’ review– The reviews of the customer helps in a great way to give you a glimpse of the mattress. These testimonials help narrow down the vast field of choices. It would be best to spend some time reading the review before you go with any particular mattress. 
  • Check for Warranty – The mattress’s warranty matters the most and is a critical aspect of the customer support system. The more extended the warranty, the better it is. 

Does the Quality Mattress Improve your Sleep Quality?

Everyone needs a peaceful night’s sleep after a daylong hard work. The body recovers during the hours of darkness; that’s why the power of quality sleep can’t be ignored. Here are some of the health benefits of a good quality mattress.

  • Mitigates stress – There are many health-related consequences when you don’t get enough sleep like the stress. A good mattress fosters peaceful sleep while lowering stress hormones. Mattress by The Sleep Company has around 2500 air channels that allow the regular passage of air that boosts sleep quality. 
  • Alleviated body pain – A comfortable mattress makes a huge difference in sleep quality. It would be best to get a mattress that supports your back, neck, shoulders, spine, and limbs in the right way. If you are suffering from back pain, you can go with an orthopedic mattress. 
  • No retention of pathogens – You won’t believe that bad-quality mattresses are indeed the home of allergens, dust particles, and some other pathogens. You need to regularly take care of the mattress or switch to an ultra-elastic material mattress. 

To Wrap Up

We can’t deny that the quality of a mattress matters the most for getting a peaceful good night’s sleep. It’s essential to invest in the correct type of mattress while buying the new mattress keeping in mind the points we have shared. 

However, if you find the mattress that is causing sleep problems, then you need to change your mattress right away. You can check out The Sleep Company’s mattresses, which are made using SmartGRID technology and can provide long-lasting comfort. 

The company brings the combination of the hyper-elastic gel material, which is India’s first sleep innovation. Still, thinking? Check out more on the official website of The Sleep Company to buy mattress online