CBD Oil: What is the best time to take CBD oil, after or before a meal?

CBD. Nobody had thought it would make a boom like it is doing now. Ask around, and you will surely find people taking CBD either for sleep, anxiety or to manage various other types of pain. While some believe that CBD has significant advantages, others find its effects to be, at best, elusive. Numerous variables, like the kind of CBD you use, how much you use, and even your genes, might affect how effectively (or poorly) you respond to it.

With the popularity of CBD oil and other CBD-based products at an all-time high, estimates about its usage are only growing. Even after so much popularity, there are still a ton of unanswered questions about CBD, and one such question we are going to tackle now is when to take CBD oil? Should you take it on an empty stomach? Which food should you pair it with? Do these factors affect the maximum absorption of CBD oil India

The answers to these questions may have a bigger impact on CBD’s benefits than you might think. On this page, we will tackle such questions so that if you are taking CBD oil, you can know the right way to take it for you to see benefits in your health and well-being. 

When to take CBD Oil?

The ultimate question is when to take CBD oil. Should you take CBD on an empty stomach? No, research indicates that it should be taken after a meal. Before taking your CBD oil, eat a meal or snack that is high in medium- and long-chain fatty acids to maximize your CBD appetite. The best way to consume CBD oil is by holding it under your tongue for 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing it. This method has the highest bioavailability and will cost you less money, time, and effort. The effects won’t be felt as quickly or last as long if you simply swallow CBD oil after eating without a sublingual dosage. 

If you are going to take CBD with your breakfast, you will notice a 14 times increase in your absorption overtaking CBD oil with no food. Most researchers advise people to take CBD with food to maximize absorption. 

Does the type of food matter for CBD oil to absorb better?

Yes absolutely. As much as food is important for better absorption, what type of food is being consumed also matters. The food you eat, along with your CBD oil, may have a significant impact on how much your body absorbs this compound. The quantity of CBD that your body will absorb ultimately might vary greatly depending on the type of food being consumed. Eating fatty-rich foods might boost the absorption of CBD, but they can also increase the variability as not all fats are created the same. Had you intake high fat in the morning, the total amount of CBD will also increase. A low-fat meal may not have the same absorption boosting effect as one that is higher in fat. 

Is there any best way to take CBD oil?

The ideal approach to consuming CBD oil is sublingual dosage, often known as taking it under the tongue. You won’t have to worry about wasting the product or not getting the most out of it because this maximizes the bioavailability of that product. Even if CBD is taken sublingually, it shouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach because it doesn’t pass through your digestive system. Eat foods high in fatty acids to retain almost all of the CBD oil’s efficacy, and then take a sublingual dose before swallowing.

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Anything else to know?

If you find your CBD seems to work better sometimes than others, despite taking the same brand and dosage, it might be worth checking your diet and trying to take the supplement with the same types of meals for consistent results.