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Consider Suitable Packaging Material for Custom Frozen Food Boxes

To make custom frozen food boxes, you can use chipboard or Polyolefin shrink film. Chipboard boxes are visually appealing and less durable than Polyolefin shrink film. If you use a shrink film, you can print any color on it and choose a foil or plain finish. In this article, we’ll explain the advantages of using shrink film and how to create a custom box for your products.

Chipboard boxes are visually appealing

In addition to their cost-effectiveness, chipboard boxes are also highly-reliable, allowing you to use a variety of inks and designs to produce a truly unique and attractive product. These boxes feature full-color graphics of the inside products, creating a visual cue that will make potential customers want to grab them. Unlike other containers, chipboard is safe for food, meaning they are visually and functionally appealing.

The difference between chipboard and rigid boxes is the thickness of each material. While wooden boxes are more durable, they are also more expensive than chipboard and other types of packaging. Chipboard is made from reclaimed paper stock, making it a cost-effective alternative to rigid boxes. Chipboard is also visually appealing, making it a good choice for custom frozen food boxes. But be careful – chipboard is not suited for products that require moisture or high-temperature storage.

Polyolefin shrink film is a better choice for custom frozen food boxes

There are several reasons why polyolefin shrink film is a superior choice for frozen food boxes. This material is 100% recyclable and FDA-approved for use in contact with food. Its molecular composition also makes it better suited for irregular-shaped packages. It also shrinks evenly in a heat tunnel, which saves packaging line time and ensures uniform packaging.

Polyolefin shrink film is durable, flexible, and can protect delicate foods from exterior contaminants. It is an excellent barrier that protects frozen foods, bread, and other soft products. Additionally, polyolefin shrink film provides superior clarity. It is also more environmentally friendly than polyethylene and PVC. Polyolefin is the better choice if you are looking for a shrink film for your custom frozen food boxes.

POF shrink film is more economical. You can buy longer rolls with thinner gauges and save money. This film also has excellent puncture resistance and seal strength. POF shrink wrap is perfect for irregularly shaped items. It comes in various thicknesses, from 35 gauge (0.35 mil) to 100 meters (1 mil) – and it can be custom cut to any size.

They can be printed in any color

To make your custom frozen food boxes attractive, you can have them printed in any color or style you desire. They are often made of food-grade cardboard and are microwave-safe. Custom box packaging offers a wide range of finishing options and materials, including foil stamping and spot colors. Whether your packaging will be a simple gift for a friend or an exclusive corporate gift, we can design it to fit your needs.

You can always consult an expert CSR if you need a unique design. They are available around the clock and are happy to help you with your design. Production-grade samples are available for your review. During these evaluations, you can approve the box’s die-cut styles and visual outlook before it goes to print. You can even order custom frozen food boxes in large or small volumes.

They can be foiled or plain

You can have a variety of custom frozen food boxes made to advertise your product. These boxes are highly customizable, can be assembled quickly, and can be printed with any image you wish. Customized packages are also cost-effective, which is essential when looking for promotional items. In addition to helping your brand stand out, custom boxes help you build customer loyalty and enhance your sales. They can be printed with any image, including logos.

You can consider custom foil containers if you are selling frozen Chinese food. These containers have a beautiful jewel-like appearance. The custom silver foil can be solid, window cut, plain, patterned, or textured. You can choose any paper thickness, and we can help you design your boxes to meet your weight requirements. Foil boxes are available in various styles to select the best one for your needs.