Cosmetic Nail Packaging Boxes: Tips on Customizing Them the Right Way

Artificial nails and nail polishes are adored by beauty-conscious ladies for the transformed and beautiful nail look they get. The nail extension and nail polish market are highly competitive. Businesses are always on the lookout for marketing such products in such a way as to sell like hotcakes. For any brand to make sure its artificial nails and nail polishes are sold more than any other brand, investing in packaging the right way is essential. This brings us to the importance of using custom nail packaging boxes.

This article will share tips on creating superb nail packaging boxes.

Use Premium-Quality Stock Materials

Both nail polishes and artificial nails are prone to damage by accident or due to the degrading effects of the outer environment. Therefore, the box’s material should be sturdy, durable, and protective enough. 

From a textural point of view, the material must feel luxurious to touch. 

These two aspects help build a perception of high quality around your foundations. Different types of quality materials can be employed for protection.

Here are the ideal types of cardboard stock to ensure the safety of nail polishes and nail extensions:

  • High-end White Paperboard
  • Luxury White Paperboard
  • Premium Metallized Paperboard
  • Brown Paperboard

Choose the Befitting Laminations and Coatings

The exterior colors and texture of custom play a big role in attracting consumers’ attention. But, to take that to the next level, coating and laminations make your day. Different type of coatings incites myriads of emotions in beauty product consumers. Coatings help your custom nail polish boxes to build an impression on customers. The ideal types of coatings and laminations you can use for nail polish boxes and nail extension boxes are: 

  • Design embossing for accentuating design elements looks premium.
  • Debossing a cool depressed logo helps build a stylish cosmetic brand identity.
  • Spot-UV floral patterns catch the attention of customers looking at product displays.
  • A Dull matte coating as a full-fledged background is ideal for giving a high-end perception.
  • Aqueous coating on full-fledged packaging gives a glimmery shine to nail polish boxes.

Investing in coatings has a long-term benefit in terms of product protection. For example:

  • Protection against moisture
  • Resistance against sticking dust
  • Saving nail packaging boxes from turning dull

Ensure Maximum Convenience of Customers

Women love it when their favorite nail polish or nail extension can be taken along in a handbag anywhere they go. A nail polish and artificial nails should be readily available for use while going to a meeting or attending a party. Handy custom nail polish boxes are portable enough to be carried anywhere easily. This is because of these boxes’ structural style and size that makes them so portable. 

Custom nail packaging is optimally sized to carry in suitcases or handbags easily. The tuck top packaging style makes it easy to access nails in no time quickly. Such attention to convenience-driven details positively influences buying behavior and nurtures likeability in customers for a specific brand.

Concluding the Above Discussion 

The above-discussed factors show the importance of perfectly customized nail packaging boxes for uplifting brand image and boosting identity.