CUET Preparation 2022: Courses and Preparation

CUET Preparation 2022: Courses and Preparation


CUET will be held on a set of dates starting mid-July and ending by mid-August 2022. More than 14 Lakh students have applied for different courses this year for the CUET exam.

The exam will be held at different centers, including 500 cities in India and 10 cities abroad.


CUET is set to commence, and the candidates need to buckle their preparation to ace the exam. CUET exam offers a variety of courses, and students can choose them according to their streams and preferences.

This article will help candidates get all the information about CUET and its preparation.




CUET exam is one of the most prestigious entrance exams in the country. The Education Ministry has introduced CUET as a common exam for university admissions to combine this process. The prospect of getting an education and placement opportunities from the central universities is vast as the Central Government governs them. 


Candidates can get good packages in the stream they want to select. Approximately 54 colleges and universities will participate in the CUET exam; therefore, it is a huge opportunity for aspirants to get admission to the desired College/University.


CUET Exam: Overview


Components Details
Name of the Exam Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET)
Conducting Body National Testing Agency (NTA)
Frequency of Conduct Once a year
Exam Level University Level
CUET Courses Offered Undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs
Central Universities 45
Mode of Application Online
Exam Mode Computer-Based
Type of questions MCQs
Exam Centers Around 560
Mode of Counseling Offline
Official website


CUET Exam Pattern


Section IA Of CUET

  • This section is a Language-Based test and consists of a test in 13 different languages.
  • Any 1 language can be selected to appear for the CUET exam.
  • Each language comprises 50 questions, out of which 40 are to be attempted.
  • The Reading Comprehension section tests the linguistic skills of the candidates.
  • RCs based on passages, Factual, Literary and Narrative, Literary Aptitude, and Vocabulary-based RCs can be asked in the exam.
  • 45 minutes will be allotted to complete the questions of this section.


Section IB Of CUET

  • Special languages Test includes the languages not included in section IA.
  • This section includes questions based on Reading Comprehension.
  • Some questions based on RC passages, Factual, Literary and Narrative, Literary Aptitude and Vocabulary RCs can be asked in the exam.
  • Candidates need to complete 40 questions in 45 minutes time duration.


Section II

  • This section deals with Domain-specific subjects.
  • Section II consists of 27 subjects.
  • Candidates can choose any 6 domains in this section.
  • This section consists of 50 questions.
  • The candidate must answer 40 questions out of those 50 questions.
  • The domain section will include Objective Type Questions.
  • Questions will be based on the 12th Class syllabus.
  • Each domain will be for 45 minutes. Candidates need to complete the questions in the given time.


Below is a tabulated representation of Section II of the CUET exam.


Typology of MCQs No. of MCQs Marks
Standalone 34 MCQs 170
Assertion- Reason Incorrect Statement 4 MCQs 20
Table-Based Match the following 2 MCQs 10
Case-Based 10 MCQs

(2 Questions with 5 MCQs each)

Total Marks 200


Section III

  • This section consists of General Aptitude and is optional for candidates.
  • Candidates need to answer 60 questions out of 75.
  • General Aptitude can include questions from General Knowledge, Current Affairs, General Mental Ability, Quantitative Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Algebra, Arithmetic, Mensuration, Geometry, and Logical and analytical reasoning.
  • The duration is 1 hour to complete all the questions in this section.

CUET Courses

There are a variety of CUET courses that the students can opt for while aiming for the exam. The following languages are included in Section IA. The candidate has to select 1 language each from both the sub-sections.



Section IA 

Section Code  Languages
Section IA:


(13 Languages)

101 English 107 Malayalam
102 Hindi 108 Marathi
103 Assamese 109 Odia
104 Bengali 110 Punjabi
105 Gujarati 111 Tamil
106 Kannada 112 Telugu
113 Urdu


Section IB


Section Code  Languages
Section IB:


(20 Languages)


201 Arabic 211 Maithili
202 Bodo 212 Manipuri
203 Chinese 213 Nepali
204 Dogri 214 Persian
205 French 215 Russian
206 German 216 Santhali
207 Italian 217 Sindhi
208 Japanese 218 Spanish
209 Kashmiri 219 Tibetan
210 Konkani 220 Sanskrit



The syllabus varies for each domain. There are 27 Domain-Specific Subjects in Section II. Candidates can take any six of the domains. These are discussed below:


Section Code Subjects
301 Accountancy/Book Keeping 316 Knowledge Tradition-Practices India
302 Agriculture 317 Legal Studies
303 Anthropology 318 Mass Media/Mass Communication
304 Biology 319 CUET Syllabus For Mathematics
305 Business Studies 320 Performing Arts-

(i) Dance (Kathak/ Bharatanatyam/ Kathakali/ Odissi/ Kuchipudi/ Manipuri)

(ii) Drama-theatre

(iii) /Music General (Hindustani/ Carnatic/ Rabindra Sangeet/ Percussion/ Non-Percussion)

306 Chemistry 321 Physical Education/National Cadet Corps(NCC)/ Yoga
307 Environmental Studies 322 Physics
308 Computer Science 323 Political Science
309 Economics 324 Psychology
310 Engineering Graphics 325 Sanskrit
311 Entrepreneurship 326 Sociology
312 Fine Arts/ Visual Arts 327 Teaching Aptitude
313 Geography
314 History
315 Home Science

CUET Exam Preparation 

A preparation plan is required to crack the CUET 2022 Exam. Instead of being anxious, candidates must devise a strategy to help them prepare for the exam. Some strategies to plan your CUET exam preparation are given below:

  • Make notes of the important topics studied in a chapter and write down the formulae to help you during revision.
  • Once you’ve studied a topic, try to recall as much as possible and analyze how well you understand it.
  • Practice from the topics you have studied. Solve the questions without looking at the answers, and analyze and correct them if you are making mistakes.
  • Sample papers are the best way to practice for any competitive exam. Solve these papers before appearing for the mock test, familiarize yourself with the CUET exam pattern and then give the mock test.
  • Always revise the topics you have completed in a day because cracking the CUET exam will be difficult without revision.
  • Keep your doubts clear and have a conceptual clarity of the topics if you want to score well in the exam.
  • Refer to the standard study material provided by our experts.
  • The continuous study is good, but taking breaks is equally important to avoid exhaustion. Take a break every three hours, walk for 15 minutes, solve a puzzle, listen to music, eat something, or do any other activity of your preference. After refreshing your mind, start studying again.