Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence On Men: A Different Picture!

Domestic Violence (DV) is one of the violent diseases destructing our society and has traumatic effects on the person’s overall well-being leading to depression and even suicide. Though women are mostly affected due to this carcinogenic disease in society, men are not the absolute exception! Sadly, it is only the women who enjoy protection in this regard.

However, as everyone is equal before the Laws of our Nation; hence, even if you are a man who is the victim of family violence, you will surely get protection under the provisions of the laws, other than that relating to domestic violence. To ascertain whether you have fallen prey to domestic violence (DV), you must know what is DV and what constitutes it? 

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is a vicious abuse, or manipulation, perpetrated in a domestic environment. Generally, these kinds of abuse are inflicted in marriage or co-habitation to establish control over someone. In addition to the question: what is DV? We can say that following are the acts that amount to Domestic Violence:

Sarcastically, with the increase in the number of false cases under The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act and under Sec 498A IPC, it is proven; that most of the time, women are misusing these laws to entangle their partners in concocted charges. In such a situation, the first question that can cross your mind is- what is the remedy available to men if their spouse or partners bring a false charge of domestic violence against them? Or, can men file for divorce if they are tormented victims of family violence? 

Thankfully, everyone is same before our national law, as such in answer to the question: can men file for divorce in case they become the subject of domestic violence? We can say yes! Men can file divorce against their spouses on the ground of inflicting cruelty- both physically and mentally.


My partner and I are in a live-in relationship; can my partner bring Domestic Violence charges against me?

Yes, she can bring Domestic Violence charges against you.

What should I do if my spouse brings an untrue Domestic Violence charge on me?

You must immediately register a complaint to the police about the same. 

My spouse harasses me cruelly; will it amount to Domestic Violence?

Yes, it is domestic violence, but you cannot get the remedy provided by Indian law for Domestic Violence as you are a man. You can avail those remedies that other law provides.


Equality also means the equal right to justice! Thus, to ensure the smooth running of society, Laws must remove the impediments and men should get the same protection against the heinous effects of domestic violence.