Dos and Don’ts for Using a Circular Saw for More Promising Results

The circular saw is one of the most versatile tools in the market today. It can be used for almost any kind of job, whether it’s productive or not. Although many people are using this tool to fit their needs, some are abusing its capabilities resulting in damages that could have been avoided if only they knew how to properly use it.

To ensure that you don’t become part of the statistics when working with a circular saw, you should follow these dos and don’ts:

Dos for Using Circular Saw

1) Study the Manual

When you buy a circular saw, it is advisable to read the entire user manual before using the equipment. You can also read the instruction from  This way, you are aware of all that can go wrong when using this powered saw. With this information at hand, you will establish your priorities when working with this tool to prevent injuries and mistakes.

2) Wear Heavy Clothes

Although most people have complete outfits for their work, wearing heavy clothes. While doing projects with a circular saw is still recommended so you will not be exposed directly to sharp pieces. Which might fall off due to your movements during cutting. Heavy clothing serves as protection against these flying pieces.

3) Wear Safety Glasses or Goggles

This is especially important if you are cutting different types of materials. If you look at the substances in common household items, there is a high possibility that these might harm your eyes once they come into contact with them – and this can be fatal if not attended too quickly.

4) Keep Your Work Area Clean and Clear of Clutter

This may seem like an easy task, but clutter in your work area will only make things difficult for you when working with the circular saw. It might also pose a risk of injuries since items lying around can accidentally get hit by the saw. It would also be best to have both hands free when operating this tool, so keep your hands away from any possible accidents while using it.

5) Reposition Yourself

If you are having trouble seeing what you are doing while cutting, change your position. This way, you can see your work better and also keep cool by having more space to move about in.

6) Use Push Sticks Carefully

Make sure that the push stick is placed firmly against the wood when pushing forward. If it does not make contact with the wood at all, be careful of flying pieces of wood coming back at you. Also, make sure that your hands are away from the saw blade when using a push stick, and always remember to use both hands when it’s required for safety purposes and ensure maximum control over the circular saw while working with it.

7) Hold Down Your Work Piece

When cutting long or wide workpieces, hold down your workpiece firmly on the table to prevent it from lifting and getting caught in the saw blade. Never try to hold down your workpiece using your hand or anything not designed for that purpose.

Don’t for Using a Circular Saws

1) Don’t Apply Too Much Pressure on the Saw Blade

When working with a circular saw, don’t apply too much pressure on the saw blade itself because it’s already under tremendous tension when spinning at high speeds. Doing so can cause an accident where fingers, hands, arms. Or legs get cut by the saw blade or thrown against other objects close by. Always keep any objects away from the saw blade while it’s running to avoid any accidents, especially if they’re above + just below where you’re working on.

2) Avoid Cross Cuts Whenever Possible

It’s always best to avoid making cross cuts whenever possible because the saw blade doesn’t cut downward––it cuts horizontally. This makes it more difficult for you to get accurate results, especially when making long straight arm motions with the saw up above your head or other body parts that may get in the way of the saw blade.

Cross-cutting is okay if it’s something like a windowpane (if you know what I mean), but if you’re making any other type of angled cut, make sure you make it at an angle away from yourself and not toward yourself or anyone else close by who may cause injuries to themselves or others while carrying out their responsibilities during other activities.

3) Don’t Cut Through Dense Materials

The circular saw is meant for cutting through soft material only. It’s okay to cut through various types of softwood and drywall, but if you’re trying to use it on dense materials such as bricks or hollow blocks, then it may not be able to do the job.

4) Don’t Cut Materials that are Too Small

The circular saw is equipped with a wide blade that measure about seven inches in diameter. So try not to use it for cutting materials that measure less than six inches in diameter. Since they can get caught in between the blade and cause serious damage. If you want, you could use other tools like the jigsaw for smaller pieces of wood instead.

5) Don’t Let the Blade Contact the Fence

If you want to get more accurate cuts and maintain the safety of the circular saw, then you should never let it contact the fence when working on a cut. For that to happen, make sure that you have firmly secured each piece in place before positioning it over your workbench.

6) Don’t Put Pressure on Both Sides of The Saw When Cutting

The reason why you shouldn’t push with equal pressure from both sides when using a circular saw. It would cause problems in maintaining a steady angle between the blade and guide. Instead, try applying only half the pressure from one side while pulling down gently on your workpiece with your other hand to keep things nice and straight. Apply a reasonable pressure and then try it out. It will give the results of your choice.

Final Words

The use of a circular saw is a difficult task to do. You need to ensure several things to get more promising results. Here, I have told you some dos and don’ts to help you out.

Don’t forget to take a look at circular saw reviews before making a purchase. You can also see the best guide for how to use a circular saw that would give you more promising results. Such information will certainly be useful if you want to buy one of these tools. So, it is high time for you to check out the information provided here.

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