Everything You Should Know About Family PACT Program

Everyone desires high-quality health care. But not all can afford to pay for health insurance. This is what drove the state of California to come up with the Family PACT Program. This program is meant to help those who can’t afford to pay for health care services through insurance.

Almost every clinic in California offers the Family Pact Program. The program targets low-income earners. Parents who don’t earn much are advised on the number of children they are supposed to have to live a comfortable life. The Family PACT program also guides parents on the spacing between children after birth and all required to ensure that they live comfortably. 

Enrolling in this program is necessary if you want to benefit from it. All the information gathered about the patient is kept private and confidential. This article will shed light on what the Family Pact Program is and what it’s all about. Read on for greater understanding. 

What is a Family PACT? 

The Family Pact Program is a California initiative meant to help those who can’t afford quality health care because they can’t pay for it through insurance. The qualification for enrolling for this program is earning below 200% federal poverty level. Low-income earners are the beneficiaries of this program that offers comprehensive family planning care services. The public and the private health sectors work together to offer high-quality family planning services. 

About 1.1 million households in California are low-income earners who can bear children. Over 2,200 providers offer their family health care services through this program’s network. The number of low-income earners who benefit from the Family Pact Program has grown tremendously since 1997. The program continues to assist needy women in making wise decisions regarding unplanned pregnancies. Both California and its households are saving millions from family planning. Through the Family Pact Program, needy families don’t have to pay to access a broad network of healthcare providers, enroll online for services, or access contraceptives. 

Who is Eligible for the Family Pact Program? 

  • Any California resident with income lower than 200% of the federal poverty guideline
  • You must not have any insurance cover offering family planning 
  • All prospects should adhere to or meet all requirements needed for eligibility 
  • The person must need to plan his or her family 

One of the requirements is that the candidate must not have an insurance policy that includes family planning coverage. The Student Health Center usually scrutinizes eligibility for the Family Pact Program. 

The Application Process 

Qualifying for the Family Pact Program makes it easier to enroll in family planning services. You will have to answer several necessary questions, a requirement for the enrollment process. These questions will help to establish your eligibility. You will then need to fill out the Client Eligibility Certification (CEC) form provided by the staff at the Student Health Center. Your application form will be approved if you are eligible. Providers usually guide members in areas where they don’t understand. It is just that simple. 

Benefits Received by Family PACT Members 

Many benefits await you if you can become a member of the Family Pact. Unless your income changes for the better, a network of providers will continue offering you family planning services throughout the year. Eligibility needs to be established from time to time. Family planning services are provided three months before you become a full beneficiary. 


Although family planning services play a key role in ensuring the community lives within its means, not all can afford this service. Therefore, it is important to consider state-initiated health programs such as family pact if you want to live comfortably. You will get guidance on how to plan your family, including how to space your children after each birth. It is a great program meant for low-income earners in California.