Everything you should know before buying a durable quartz wash basin in 2022

Every home has a wash basin that is used for a variety of purposes. Depending on the available space, it could be inside or outside the bathroom. Traditional wash basins were quite simple, but today you can find the trendiest collections of Quartz basin in a variety of designs.

What is a wash basin?

A wash basin is a type of basin mostly used in bathrooms and is far different from kitchen sinks. They are often used in cleansing of hands and faces. They are also used in our daily activities like brushing your teeth and also for cleaning your face after a day’s hard toil.

You can easily coordinate them with the color of your walls or mix and match them. So how you want to integrate the basin mixer is entirely up to you. Wash basins come in various standards and sizes. The quality decides the price. And, when it is about the quartz washbasin, you get to enjoy the real appealing look.

Is washbasin a common sight in modern bathrooms of now?

There is no denying that wash basins are extremely important because they serve multiple functions. That is why you should have one in your home. The modern bathrooms are now large enough, the majority of them have it built inside. The only thing is it is used to clean the wash basin if it is dusty and has not been cleaned properly.

What are the different shapes and sizes of the Quantra Wash basins?

Let us explore the shapes and sizes of the wash basins available at Quantra.

Here they are-

·        Rectangular

·        Circular

·        Oval

Length (cm)

·        50 – 69

·        70+

·        30 – 49

Width (cm)

·        50 +

·        30 – 49

Height (cm)

·        10 – 19

·        20 +

There was a time when every home had a wash basin before indoor plumbing became available. Wash basins are large bowls that people keep in their bedrooms and sometimes outside near pumps to wash their hands in between baths. You can also pour some lukewarm water in the basin mouth so that the pipe of the basin does not give out a foul smell.

These basins were frequently paired with a vase to hold the water. Wash basins are still used on occasion in old rustic homes, by bedridden people to freshen up, or by campers out in the wilderness, far from a facility with plumbing.

The Quartz wash basin makes no sound when the water falls on it. The speed of the water through the tap cannot impact the quality of the quartz nor ruin it. There are people who actually purchase wash basins based on their décor of the bathroom and the wall paint.

Why is Quartz the most popular choice for bathroom wash basin?

Quartz is a good choice for bathroom decors. When you use quartz washbasin, you add an appealing touch to your bathroom décor. The material is highly durable, attractive and chip-resistant. It is susceptible not only to spots but also to scratches.

A single wash basin can serve multiple functions, which is why it is essential in every home. So choose the best design and have it installed as soon as possible. Its placement inside the bathroom is intended to draw attention as you enter, giving it an aesthetically dominant role.

Functional & Aesthetic looking washbasins

Given its significance, both functional and aesthetic, you should carefully select the one that most appeals to you because it can be a true piece of furniture that characterizes the entire space, becoming the undisputed protagonist. It is strong, hardy and long lasting material.

The quartz wash basin is an essential part of furniture in every bathroom, but you can personalize it by selecting one that represents you and turns your bathroom into a work of art. It makes an excellent choice if you want to wash your wash basin and make it look good with the contemporary bathroom.

Different wash basins and its types

There are different types of wash basin-

a.    Wall mounted quartz basin (full & half wall basin)

b.    Wall hung quartz vanity basins

c.    Countertops wash basins

d.    Durable tempered glass wash basin

e.    Ceramic wash basin

f.     Acrylic wash basin

g.    Quartz corner wash basin

h.    Quartz Vessel wash basin

i.     Padestal Wash basin

There is no denying that wash basins are extremely important because they serve multiple functions. That is why you should have one in your home. Because bathrooms are now so large, the majority of them have it built inside.

Washroom basins in the home are typically made of acrylic or tempered glass, whereas wash basins in public places such as schools and train stations are typically made of artificial stone. A quartz wash basin is probably a stylish and regal form of product.

Have you ever wondered why this is so?

A wash basin is a bathroom product that is an essential part of any bathroom. The fashionable and lovely wash basin adds a splash of color to the entire bathroom. There are so many different types of wash basins on the market today that customers don’t know where to begin.

Tip: Pour the water from the wash basin onto the ground outside or down the drain. To keep your wash basin and pitcher sanitary for future use, rinse and clean them. Keep splashing water on the basin, every time you choose to use it.


Bathroom wash basins have advanced in a variety of structures and shapes. But, presently it is accessible and indicated by all the necessities of the clients. There is a large portion of the property holders who actually want to utilize the wash basins to add to the stylistic décor of the area of its placement. A wash basin stands out amongst the most fundamental segments in any bathroom or wash place area.

So, the next time you walk into the online shop or any offline store for purchasing quartz washbasin, just glance in for a while.