Fire Safety Training for Hospital Staff is Mandatory

Every healthcare organisation designs a fire safety plan to ensure the round-the-clock safety of its patients and staff. But the point is that just planning is not sufficient, the more crucial aspect is the trained hospital staff to carry out safety action when in need from prevention to the ultimate evacuation in emergencies. The best way to implement and ensure fire safety is by organising fire safety training for the hospital staff from time to time. CAHO (the Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organisations) offers many Healthcare quality certification courses in India for hospital staff including fire safety training. So, healthcare organisations should get their staff enrolled in such hospital training programs to train them to be fully prepared all the time.

Going through rigorous training sessions enables the hospital staff to practice evacuation drills, life-saving techniques, and fire extinguishing exercises with confidence. A hospital must practice evacuation drills at times like schools or malls, as many patients are on life-saving equipment, and disturbing them for the sake of a drill is too risky. So the hospital should prepare its staff in a manner that if any emergency occurs, its staff should be calm, composed, and confident enough to handle the situation and come out as a winner. For this, the team can follow the safety guidelines and procedures from time to time as mentioned here.

Review evacuation and alarm procedures

Each hospital plans for a fire evacuation path. The team must be well aware of their vital role and the steps to follow during a crisis. Scheduling on-site meetings with the staff to review the path for quick action is a must for every healthcare organisation to ensure proper execution. All the doctors and staff should be aware of the closest route to follow from their respective positions when needed. Similarly, due importance should be given to fire safety alarms and all the team members should know their placements as well. They should be trained to use the fire alarm and telecom system. Reviewing the fire evacuation plan and alarm apparatus from time to time is very crucial to avoid last-moment hiccups during the time of emergency.

Fire safety training programs for hospital staff are designed to cover all aspects related to safety from fire. The program is led by expert trainers or instructors. It includes everything from fire prevention, installation of safety equipment, planning a layout for evacuation, usage of safety devices, and proper communication in times of need. Such courses are mostly short and impart training to the team at once. If you are looking to enrol your hospital staff in such programs, you may explore the website of CAHO and move ahead. Through such programs, any healthcare organisation ensures the safety of its staff as well as patients.