Free Puzzle Games – An Awesome Idea to Improve Your Mental Toughness

Have you noticed that you rather like subjects or subjects in which you feel competent? Or at least the ones in which you progress, you improve, you understand… In fact, these are all the subjects on which you have confidence in yourself. Because, without self-confidence, there is in fact no pleasure in learning….

So how do you develop that self-confidence? Here are some tips that apply to both children and parents while playing afk tier gaming.

The pride notebook

The idea of ​​this notebook is to write down all your successes every evening . The big ones AND the little ones. Yes, even the smallest ones, even those that seem banal to you. As soon as you feel a touch of pride, it’s good: you have to note it. You were surprised, you exceeded yourself, you didn’t complain because the bus was late? Write it down. Did you make this cake better than usual? Write it down. Did you offer to help when you didn’t have enough time for yourself? Write it down. Write down everything you are proud of . Also write down how you feel .

The photo album of successes

Better yet: complete this notebook with photos or drawings. You will be able to relive these successes and the emotions you feel even better.

Imagine your gesture associated with victory: a dance? raise your arms in the air? Not necessarily need to be very original, but make it your own. Repeat it several times to get to know it well.

Then, each time you achieve success, celebrate it by performing your victory gesture. This will anchor this victory even more deeply in you. Also reread this post that I wrote a few weeks ago, entitled “  these-gestures-that-change-our-mental ”.

Celebrating your victories builds your confidence and emphasizes your strengths. You can also celebrate them with words of encouragement, rewards (a book, a treat), moments of relaxation or a fun activity. Let your imagination run wild.

The more you celebrate your victories , the more confidence you will gain .

The notebook of your qualities

You are unique, brilliant, be sure of it. But it’s even better if you write it down . So take 30 minutes to write in this notebook 10 qualities (at least) that you find yourself. Not the flaws. Just the qualities. Yes it is difficult. We learned in our education not to put ourselves forward. But, discovering all our qualities, it feels good. If you’re having trouble identifying them, think about the compliments people give you or you would give yourself if you were your best friend. Next to each quality, write in which situation you demonstrated it. Date, sign.

Invite your children to do this exercise. Again, I tell myself that the more you discover these tools when you are young, the more weapons you have to be happy in life. To offer urgently to children

Then ask your relatives (for children: ask your parents, your brothers and sisters) what your qualities are and on what occasion you have proven them. Carefully note their response. Or, better, ask them to write it themselves in your notebook. And to date and sign.