Get a chess coach without leaving your house!

Chess has been around for centuries, and has seen many changes in its form. From the time when it was played on a board with pieces that represented actual people, to the modern days where computers take on the role of the chess pieces, chess has always had a following. The popularity of online chess has only continued to grow in recent years, as more and more people are able to play the game from anywhere in the world. People are now moving towards online chess coaching sessions to learn this beautiful game either to play competitively or to make their children learn it to develop mental skills necessary.

Six reasons why your child needs to play chess

  1. Chess teaches problem solving, strategic thinking, and how to deal with competition. This is beneficial if your child is participating in a debate competition where he/she has to put valid a point across as quickly as possible.
  2. Chess can also help children learn how to control their emotions and be calm in difficult scenarios. This is beneficial if you are playing a sport which involves a bunch of players in a team, and your team is losing and the moral of the team is down, you can come up with a plan to turn the tables around for your team and win that match.
  3. It also helps teach patience, strategy, and how to work as part of a team.
  4. Chess can help relieve stress, increase mental focus, and make life much more fun. This is beneficial for children, if they are preparing for a subject that’s a bit tricky and requires a clear mind and focus.
  5. It also improves visual-spatial skills, which are important for math and science. Not every subject requires to have a sharp memory, for eg Subjects like maths and science don’t require you to have a sharp memory and just requires you to understand the basic concepts and formulas to excel at it.
  6. Some people believe that chess can help with learning foreign languages. Since learning a new language requires you to be in more structured manner and it’s a not an easy task to learn a whole new language. When you play chess, your brain is trying to create the new pathways in order to win the game of chess, similarly when learning a new language your brain is creating new ways or a system needed to communicate in the new language.

Finally, playing chess can be beneficial for children for a variety of reasons. It can help them develop problem solving abilities, improve their memory, and increase their IQ.  Additionally, it can teach them how to plan ahead and think strategically.  Furthermore, playing chess can help children learn to focus and stay calm under pressure. Chess can also help children develop a sense of discipline and patience. Plus, playing chess is a fun and social activity that can help children make friends and learn new things. As a result, parents should consider online chess training for their children to make them learn about chess and all the benefits it comes with.