Get Your Brand Visible at the Next Car Show by Following These Steps

There are high chances that you will attend or present at a trade show or two this year if you work in (or are associated with) the automotive industry because there will be so many of them.

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In general, all presenters aim to achieve the same thing at trade shows. It is crucial to ensure your booth or display attracts people, gives them an exciting reason to find out more about your brand, and then leaves a lasting impression after the show.

However, how can you do these things in a unique, memorable, and engaging way that distinguishes you from all the other presenters?

National Pen can guide you with the help of its experts! Having been in the business of promoting businesses and brands for more than 50 years, it is kind of our thing. Our car show tips and ideas will keep you satisfied for years to come – and we’re happy to share them.

A Great Branded Display Will Draw Them In

Booths and displays can be the first opportunity for visitors to become familiar with your brand which is why they should accurately convey your brand and have maximum visual appeal. If you’re seeking something more understated (but still true to your brand) like a custom table throw, or you’re looking for something more extravagant like an 8′ Jumbo Wide Retractor Dye-Sub Kit, or car show flyers, you got everything you need. You can also create an interactive experience that can be carried anywhere using Sail iPad Stand Tall Kit if space is an issue. Also, you can create an ultimate experience for your visitors by creating collaterals with an easy-to-edit car show flyer template by online graphic design tools.

Events to Keep Car Show Attendees Engaged

You may have attracted them to your booth with your captivating display – but what will you do to keep them? We want to focus on how you can make your booth an experience by incorporating fun and comedy.

Making a crowd laugh is a great way to grab their attention and what’s funnier than a bunch of grownups in business suits frantically peddling kiddie cars? On the trade show floor, set up a “racecourse” with duct tape in black and yellow. Consider adding obstacles and fun company ads to the course (perhaps small “roadside” billboards). Don’t forget to paint a little kid-sized bike or car in your brand colors, and make sure to put on prizes for the race winners…and be sure to grab those cameras. Participants and spectators alike will not be able to resist the chance to let off steam and participate in some good-natured rivalry (on the surface, at least), and the laughter of both will bring the crowds through your door.

You can also play with the used car salesperson stigma to keep the crowd’s attention. Everybody knows who they are—the hucksters with a cheesy hairdo, loud plaid blazer, and even louder voice. What if you hired an actor who’ll have people lingering at your booth just to hear the next hilarious pitch from your brand promotion?

Cool Car Show Swag Ideas to Make Them Happy

It’s time to think about your swag now that you’ve put together a rockin’ presentation and crowd-pleasing activities. Those who attend auto shows are all very passionate about vehicles and car stuff. Therefore, anything they can add to their cars is a huge bonus since they are almost certain to use them all the time. In addition, custom-printed logos and messaging will make all of your giveaways look fantastic.

A huge assortment of auto-themed customized products awaits you at the trade show this year, sure to appeal to any one of your potential clients, customers, or partners. If you live in a colder climate, a Power Grip Ice Scraper is always appreciated by your recipients, or you can take it a step further and give them a Power Grip Ice Scraper with Glove. A Vanilla Round Auto Vent Freshener customized with your logo would be a welcome addition to any car, and your magnetic light bar branded with your logo would make anyone feel prepared in case of an emergency.

Get a Head Start on The Next Car Show With These Tips

Presentations, dealers, vendors, fans, gear heads, and even sometimes reluctant partners are always present at auto trade shows. Getting your brand to stand out among such a diverse crowd can be challenging.

We’re happy you’ve chosen to turn to National Pen for advice on this year’s car show. There are plenty of materials that will boost your trade show presence, from displays and giveaways to the best swag and giveaway ideas, so you can finish the season strong.