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Gojek Clone 2022: A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Start An On-Demand Business

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a smart way to establish a business in 2022 then, you have landed on the right blog. It is here that we will discuss the various steps involved in developing and launching the Gojek clone app. A Gojek-like mobile app is the ultimate business solution that allows the customers to book services like taxi rides, food ordering, grocery delivery, masseuse on-demand, etc. 

In brief, this on-demand multi-service app offers more than 82 services from 7 varieties of genres mentioned below: 

  1. Taxi booking 
  2. Online video consultation 
  3. Bid for services 
  4. On-demand services 
  5. Parcel delivery 
  6. Store deliveries
  7. Delivery genie or delivery runner 

Well, without wasting another minute on introducing the services, let’s get started with learning the steps to develop and launch the Gojek Clone app. 

A Step-by-step Guide to Developing and Launching the Gojek Clone App

The purpose of any business is to make easy and quick cash so that the entrepreneur can achieve success in the shortest span. Well, the good news is that an app like Gojek takes only 1 to 2 weeks to launch that too at the most affordable prices. 

Step 1: Try the demo app for a considerable time 

The trial of the demo app is one of the most important steps of the app development process. It is here that the entrepreneur gets to try the demo apps for as long as they want to and decide whether they want to purchase the app or not. 

The entrepreneurs can also test the workflow of the app and jot down the customizations they want to make in the app. 

Step 2: Discussing the requirements with the Project Manager 

Next, it is time to discuss the requirements for Gojek clone app development with the Project Manager. The manager is the responsible body who communicates what the entrepreneur wants directly to the app development team. Also, the manager is responsible for creating the Scope Document which includes all the details about the deliverables and the complete breakdown of the script package. 

Step 3: It’s time to develop your mobile app 

Once you purchase the app, the app developers will begin working on your project. They will integrate your preferred languages, currencies, and payment gateways. Additionally, the developers will integrate all the services and features that you want in your app to make it unique and valuable to your business. 

They will also match the color theme of your mobile app and website with the company’s name and logo to enhance the branding aspect of the app! 

Step 4: Review and approve the developed apps 

After the apps are developed, the team will go ahead and upload them to the firm’s development server. The entrepreneurs can access the development server, review the apps, and if everything is as they need, go ahead to approve them. 

Once the apps are approved by the entrepreneur, the team will move further to the last step, that is, to launch the Gojek clone app. 

Step 5: Launching the Gojek-like app 

At this stage, your apps, website, and other web panels are ready for the big launch. The team at the white-labeling firm will go ahead and launch them on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Huawei App Store if they want to. 


On the whole, launching an on-demand multi-service app is the best thing you can do to fasten your success! By developing and launching the Gojek clone app, entrepreneurs can earn easy and quick money without having to spend all of their savings! In addition, they will be able to make extra cash through in-app advertising, surcharges, and even cancellation charges! 

So, get the clone app script today itself!