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Gojek Clone: Business Inspiration For Enthusiast Entrepreneurs

This blog is here to inspire entrepreneurs! How? Well, here we are about to overview the Gojek Clone app and how it has become the best business option in 2022. Many would ask what Gojek-like app is? Now, it is an on-demand app that offers 82+ services such as taxi booking, grocery delivery, courier delivery, and much more. Moreover, it integrates multiple features like in-app wallets, GPS-enabled live tracking, face-mask verification, and so on. 

Moving on, let’s shed some light on the things that motivate entrepreneurs about this on-demand multi-service app! 

Gojek Clone: The Best Business Solution for Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs

Here are a handful of things you should know about this on-demand multi-service app. 

1. It is an affordable solution 

Compared to building the app from scratch, getting a pre-built solution is a much more viable option. If you think about building the app from scratch, remember that you will have to splurge at least US$250,000 into developing and launching it. However, with a pre-built on-demand app solution, entrepreneurs only have to invest a fraction of that amount. 

In short, your retirement money remains safe and secure! 

2. You can earn piles of profits 

Launching these on-demand apps brings in the best opportunities to earn humongous amounts of profit. How? Well, the two profit-centric business models help entrepreneurs to earn more than they could ever imagine. 

  • Commission-based business models let the entrepreneur earn a commission on every service. Commission rates are decided by the entrepreneur thus, making them their own income deciders. 
  • Membership subscription plans, on the other hand, are various plans crafted by the entrepreneur. Based on the plan’s time validity, features, cost, and purpose, the providers can purchase or renew them. 

3. It is quick to launch 

The next factor is time. It plays a triggering role in helping the entrepreneur decide whether they want to buy the pre-built Gojek Clone app or not. For instance, entrepreneurs who plan to build the app from scratch end up waiting 7 – 8 years of their precious lifetime. 

On the other hand, getting a ready-made solution that has “pre-integrated” services and features takes only 1 to 2 weeks for development. That is, you can become an entrepreneur in just a few days and enjoy raking in so much profit right from day one of the job. 

4. It has all the modern features 

The app is integrated with numerous features that are modern and unique! For instance, here is a list of favorite features that you’d see in the on-demand multi-service app. 

  • Face-mask verification
  • Real-time location tracking 
  • In-app wallet transfer 
  • Multiple credit card management 
  • SOS button 
  • Referral programs 
  • Instantly book a service or schedule it 
  • Variety of stores/shop/restaurant options to choose from 

5. Gojek Clone offers multiple services 

The on-demand app solution offers multiple services to your customers and provides them with the utmost convenience and comfort. The 7 service components that you will find in the app are: 

  • Online taxi booking 
  • Online video consultation
  • Bid for service with handyman, virtually 
  • On-demand service providers 
  • Parcel delivery 
  • Store deliveries 
  • Delivery genie and delivery runner 


On the whole, the Gojek Clone is an on-demand app that offers multiple services to your customers. It leaves them no other choice but to uninstall apps like Uber, Deliverer, Grab, etc., and install this masterpiece. It saves your phone storage space, time, and money! 

Get the app today and show the world that you have the best services to offer, on-demand!