2 Carat Diamond Ring Price

Greatest Buying Guide For 2 Carat Diamond Rings

2-carat diamond rings have become popular in today’s world. In this post, you will learn 2-carat diamond rings and the guide for buying them. These diamond rings have become a popular option for couples because of their reality in nature. They are also lower in availability, and this, therefore, makes them more valuable. 

When it comes to the 2-carat diamond ring price, you might assume that since the 1-carat diamond ring price is approximately $6000, the cost for a carat diamond engagement ring will double to $12000. Well, diamond costs do not work like this. Some things influence diamond pricing, and we will look at them in this guide. Continue reading this guide to find more on 2-carat diamond ring prices.

2 Carat Diamond

Typically, a carat is a unit used to determine the weight of diamonds. One gem is usually five carats. A 2 carat diamond usually means the weight between 2.00 ct to 2.20 ct. This is vital and worth stressing. We cannot deny the connection between these two terms. However, they do not always mean the same thing. Based on a personal cut of the diamond, a 1.90 carat with a shallower depth can look bigger than the deeper 2-carat diamond. But if the two diamonds are cut to the correct proportions, the 2-carat diamond will appear larger than the 1.90 carats. It is also essential to note that a diamond with a non-ideal cut will have reduced brilliancy.

Why is a 2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Costly Than 1 Carat Diamond?

Carat weight can highly influence the cost of a diamond ring. When a carat weight increases and becomes more prominent, the diamond tends to be rare. This is because it is easier for the diamond cutter to get materials to make smaller diamonds than finding a large enough fabric to cut into a 2 carat stone.

At first, you will not make heads or tails of diamond costs mechanics. Most people trust that a 1 carat diamond ring that costs $6000 would cost $12000 if it sells as a 2 carat diamond. And $18000 if it sells as a 3 carat diamond ring and so on. However, a diamond stone becomes rare as its carat size increases, and so as carat weight increases, the cost for the stone tends to improve as well as the quality.

Affordable 2 Carat Diamond Rings

There are several reasons why the phrase cheap rings is not loved. It is a phrase that makes an item look less desirable. Suppose you want the appearance of a 2-carat diamond but do not want to spend more, then you will need to stay under 2 carat. Instead of going for the 2-carat diamond ring, you can opt for a 1.90-carat diamond ring because it is affordable. Here the price will reduce by approximately 15% even though you have reduced the carat weight by 5%.

Focus on the Quality of the Diamond

The quality of a diamond is an essential thing to do. Most jewelers will not offer detailed information regarding a diamond. Therefore, you might not find the quality you want. Alex and Company are here to help you. The professionals here will provide you with all the information that you require.

Where to Find the Best 2 Carat Diamond Rings

Usually, you need to buy your diamond ring from a reliable seller with a GIA certificate. This will help you be confident in what you are buying, whether purchasing the ring at the jewelry store or online. You can opt for a trusted jewelry company like Alex and Company to help you understand more about it to make an educated decision. 

The jeweler will ensure that you are getting the best diamond based on your budget and the one that will show the most brilliance, best color, preferred clarity, and the correct size in your selected setting. The best idea will always be looking for your desired ring in person at a store instead of doing it online. This will help you compare the rings side by side and try on different ring sizes to get the best one for your budget.

Alex and Company have a custom design brick-and-mortar store where you can find the ring you have always wanted. For years, we have been keeping the buyers informed regarding jewelry to choose well. The staff at Alex and Company will hold your hand. They will guide you to choose the right ring or help you generate a kind custom-made diamond ring.

After purchasing the diamond ring from Alex and Company, the relationship will continue for many years to come. Each time you come in, you will receive a complimentary cleaning and inspection so that your ring gets its top-quality attributes. You will also get jewelry restoration services like tightening the loose prongs, polishing, and resizing. Besides that, you will also get a replacement value appraisal and a complimentary engagement ring insurance quote from the jewelers’ mutual Company.

Also, you will find many exceptional diamond rings designs on the Company’s website. And also, you can view them at their showroom in Newton, MA. Contact Alex and Company today to get a good guide for your dream 2-carat diamond engagement ring at affordable prices.


As noted in this article, the 2 carat diamond ring price differs based on some factors. We have also seen that diamond stones tend to be rare as their carat size increases. Its price varies based on its shapes, cut quality, clarity, color, and many other factors. Note that you can get the best 2 carat diamond engagement ring for your money. Fancy-shaped diamonds are usually less expensive compared to round brilliant. Therefore, you can get a 2-carat diamond at a better price when going for the fancy shape.