Guide to Create an FTP Server On TP Link WiFi Extender

Ever heard of FTP? It is the oldest computer-to-computer file transfer methods. The full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol. Although as an average internet user you might never have heard of the term, but this guide will help you understand everything there is to know about FTP.

First, let us focus on the basics.

What is FTP?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) comes handy to help you transfer files between two different computers through the internet. For example, if you have a significant number of files to upload onto a website, FTP can help you transfer these files onto the website hosting server without any hassle.

So, if you have own server hosting, you can easily upload files to another server by using FTP. Do you know how FTP came into being? It came into being during the pre-graphical computig era. It helps you connect two remote computer systems with ease.

Once both systems are connected, you can easily send and receive files. The computer sending the file becomes the server and the one receiving them becomes the host. If you have a TP Link WiFi extender you can activate the function by going through TP Link app.

Want to know how FTP works? Let’s find out.

How FTP Works?

FTP utilizes two channels – a control channel and data channel. The first one helps establish a connection between two computers and establishes any credentials. The second one is responsible for the transfer of data between the two computers.

Do you know the role played by an IP in terms of FTP.

What is a Internet Protocol?

In regards to internet and communication network, an Internet Protocol is a set of rules which help two or more entities transmit and read information. The internet consists of thousands of protocols which play a role in how smoothly the internet works.

The most common example is IP. It dictates how data gets delivered across the internet using different IP addresses. This is a simplified version of how IP addresses work.

Now, let us understand the concept of FTPS.

What is FTPS?

FTPS is short for File Transfer Protocol Secure. The original FTP protocol was not developed with security in mind. Without additional security, the FTP is an insecure standard.

On the other hand, FTPS offers support for Transsport Layer Security (TLS). It enables users to encrypt their FTP connection using standard encryption algorithm. The FTPS encrypts both control and data channel from start to end. You can activate this feature on the TP Link WiFi extender by going to Want to know the best part? It is compatible with the standard FTP.

Want to know how to activate the FTP server on TP Link WiFi extender? Here’s how.

Tips to Enable FTP Server

Given below are tips to help you enable FTP server on the TP Link WiFi extender.

  • Connect an external USB hard disk drive or flaash drive into the router.
  • Click on the Enable/Disable radio box to ON/OFF Internet Access to FTP from Internet port.
  • Choose the port for the FTP server to use.
  • The Internet Address will display the WAN IP address of the router.
  • If the WAP type is PPPoE/PPTP/L2TP, there are two connections available.
  • Click on the Apply button to start the FTP server.

Creating an FTP server makes it easier for you to transfer data from one computer to another without much hassle.


An FTP server makes it easier for you to send data from one computer to another and vice versa. Now if you have a TP Link AC750 WiFi extender, you can setup this feature by accessing the TP Link AC750 Setup.