Health Benefits and Motives for Coffee Consumption

Remember the old English proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”


With so many health benefits of the best black coffee, let us coin a new proverb;


“A cup of coffee a day, keeps the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver, and endometrial cancers away.”


Most people think that a cup of coffee only boosts their energy levels. According to some research, coffee has numerous health benefits, such as lowering the risk of heart failure, type 2 diabetes, chronic liver diseases, and endometrial cancer.


Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Good for skin


Coffee is a rich source of polyphenols like chlorogenic acids (CGA). These compounds have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that are good for skin and protect from photoaging.


Furthermore, daily consumption of coffee is also effective in lowering the risk of basal cell carcinoma (a type of skin cancer). Applying coffee to the skin as a scrub effectively fights skin problems like psoriasis and acne.


Boost bowel regularity  


This has to be on our list. Coffee is well-known for its laxative effects and probably one of the prime health benefits of its consumption. Most daily coffee consumers reported needing to use the bathroom within 20 minutes after a cup of coffee.


Struggling to have regular bowel movements? Add a cup of the Best Black Coffee to your daily routine to get things moving.


Coffee lowers risk of type 2 diabetes


Research suggests daily consumption of coffee decreases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Consuming coffee for a period of four years is effective in an 11 percent lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


Coffee is rich in antioxidants and can preserve beta cells responsible for producing insulin and regulating blood sugar levels.


Effective tool for weight management

Effective tool for weight management

According to some research, consumption of the best tasting black coffee could alter fat storage and support gut health. Studies prove that higher coffee consumption is beneficial for weight management as it decreases body fat both in men and women.


According to some research, people with one or two cups of coffee per day are 17 percent more likely to meet physical activity standards and weight management.


Coffee lowers cancer risk


Coffee is a great beverage and contains dozens of healthy compounds. Kahweol and cafestol, two coffee compounds, effectively stop the growth of prostate and kidney cancer cells.


According to some research, daily consumption of coffee lowers the risk of cancers such as liver, prostate, breast, and endometrial cancer.


Decreases risk of stroke  


Recent research proves that moderate daily consumption of coffee decreases the risk of stroke. To conclude this research, the Nurses’ Health Study evaluated the daily diet of 83,700 nurses’.


The research proved that people who drink half or three cups of coffee daily have a 21 percent lower risk of stroke.


Lower risk of depression


Some studies even suggested that drinking coffee effectively lowers the risk of depression. One study concluded that daily consumption of one cup of the Best Black Coffee led to an 8 percent lower depression risk.


While another study on coffee suggested that drinking a minimum of four cups significantly lowers the risk of depression.


Improves sperm health

Improves sperm health

A study conducted in 2005 proved that daily coffee consumption improves sperm health. Men with average coffee consumption of four to six cups daily have a higher sperm count than those who don’t. Moreover, drinking regular or decaffeinated coffee reduces the risk of prostate cancer.


Good for liver health


Interestingly, some studies have even implicated that coffee consumption is good for your liver health. Drinking more than two cups of coffee daily lowers rates of liver scarring and liver cancer in people with liver diseases.


Another study on coffee shows that drinking one cup of coffee daily effectively lowers chronic liver disease by 15 percent. While consuming four cups per day is effective in 71 percent lower risk of liver diseases.


All set to add this healthy beverage to your daily routine? Then we have the best Tasting Black Coffee recommendation for you.


Top Recommendations for the Best Black Coffee


Lifeboost Embolden Dark Roast


First on our list of top recommendations for the best black coffee is Lifeboost’s Embolden Dark Roast. Popularly harvested in Central America, this coffee is our top pick for the best black coffee for various reasons.


The coffee is phenomenally clean, which allows coffee beans to express themselves. It is remarkably fruity and balanced than most dark roasts, leaving a smooth aftertaste. On top of this, several health benefits aren’t common in other dark roast coffee.


Fabula Coffee Dark Roast


Next on our list, we have Fabula Coffee, one of the best black coffees. Although the coffee shares are somewhat similar to the Lifeboost, but it has its own unique traits. It is organic, specialty-grade, single origin, and mold-free, giving it an edge over other coffees.


Fabula is superbly clean and robust, making it the best coffee option to consume without sugar and cream. The high-quality beans from Peru deliver impressive natural flavor with specialty-grade coffee beans.


Spirit Animal Coffee

Spirit Animal Coffee

Next on our list, we have Spirit Animal Coffee. A combination of three best-selling coffee brews with a wide range of flavors, i.e., citrus and honey to peach and caramel. You will definitely like the flavor even if you are a Honduran coffee fan.


The coffee beans of Spirit Animal Coffee are processed and roasted in order to provide maximum natural flavor. This coffee enhances your coffee experience as it is more than just a regular coffee.


Peak Performance Coffee


New to the coffee world, then there is no other better option for you than Peak Performance Coffee’s organic coffee. The coffee has its origin in Guatemala. The coffee beans are medium roasted to deliver robust and clean desirable flavors.


This deserves mention on our top recommendations for the best black coffee as it offers complete satisfaction at an attractive price point.


Panama Boquete

Panama Boquete

This coffee is a perfect blend of Robusta and Arabica beans from the volcanic soil of Panama highlands. It is more acidic than any other coffee on our list due to the Robusta combination. 


Panama Boquete by Coffee Bean Direct is a perfect balance between light and dark roast coffee. It has a bright, pleasant, sweet aroma and creamy texture without producing overpowering flavors.


Final Words


It is estimated that two billion cups of coffee are consumed daily, making it the most popular beverage worldwide. Researchers have proved that coffee has many health benefits, from weight management to chronic disease and increasing health benefits.


If you consume a cup of coffee daily in the morning, Hurray!! You are enjoying all these health benefits without even knowing about them.


Keen to add a cup of coffee to your daily routine? Here’s what you need to keep in mind. Limited coffee consumption is recommended if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, child, or have a certain health condition.


Still, drinking coffee in moderation of the above top recommendations for the best black coffee is considered safe for most adults. 


Enjoy your cup of coffee daily with added perks of health benefits.