Hoodoo Psychic Miss Elvyra

I’m a graduate and personal apprentice of Catherine Yronwode’s hoodoo rootwork software and currently am hired on the lucky mojo curio company in Forestville, California as a reader and rootworker. Similarly, I’ve trained with hereditary Wiccan priestesses, a traditional navigational kahuna, and several terrific specialized instructors over the last twenty-two years. I’ve walked many paths to acquire understanding, with over forty years reveling in tarot card analysis, astrology, numerology, conjure doctoring and spell casting, qabala, geomancy, feng shui, bone studying, hypnotherapy, creative visualization, Reichian breath work, reiki power work, manage bodywork, and Hawaiian navigational power work. Miss Elvyra provides nurturing and assistance to customers via life crises and difficult transitions, by way of the arts of listening, witnessing, and religious mentoring. The truest assistance you’ll provide to any other is to be absolutely gifted via their existence transitions. My forte is facilitating lifestyle adjustments thru prayer, candle offerings, co-created spell-casting (additionally known as twin casting), schooling, and integrative electricity paintings primarily based upon historic principles and techniques that complement contemporary fitness care, motivational and overall performance enhancement, and private and religious exploration. My roots are Keltic and Mediterranean. My historical past in traditional education is a B. A. In drama with a psychology minor from the university of southern California. I’m an authorized reverend with a ph. D. In pass-cultural theology. I have presented at several global anthropological conferences in addition to volunteering as a companion teacher at Sonoma nation college on courses as numerous as mythology, the goddess, and labyrinths, and establishing a colony on Mars.

In addition to the same old type of spell-casting that others provide — casting spells on your behalf — I’m a shamanic trainer. As a religious mentor, I’m organized to guide you via the manner of simultaneous spell-casting, a style of operating also known as “dual casting” or “backing up the paintings.” on this form of conjure practice, Psychic Miss Elvyra will carry out a spell in your behalf at my personal altar at the same time as teaching you, thru consultation and prescription of religious resources, to solid your very own supportive spell for the same circumstance at your home altar. Together we will open the way in an effort to reach your dreams. The energy of spirit flows via me, gracing paintings, jewelry, and writing. Shamanic paintings come from the alchemical fires that manner out the impurities, shape-moving themselves into illuminative beauty. The masques and jewelry I create have a lifestyle and spiritual force of their very own. Even though an image of truth, an outward shape, these pieces represent what one possesses within — a beauty both non-secular and physical. I have been running in the genre of shamanic paintings for over ten years. For my masques, I use items discovered in nature as well as recycled materials that culminate in these combined media pieces, respiration new lifestyles, which means, and purpose into otherwise discarded items. My paintings and jewelry have been commissioned by means of clients each here within the united states of America and abroad. Commission artwork degrees from single pieces to series.