How Can a Laminated Mailer Be a Great Use For Your Business?

If you’re looking for a new way to get your message out to your customers, laminated postcards can be the answer. These postcards get great results in direct mail, and they’re an excellent choice for communicating new products, gift card promotions, and holiday specials. Laminating postcards also allows your business to stand out from the competition. Read on to discover how.

Promotional Value and Useful

In addition to boosting your business’s exposure, laminated mailers offer several other benefits. For example, the enhanced quality of these marketing pieces makes them more illustrious and impossible to ignore. This makes them ideal for a variety of different marketing campaigns. Moreover, they can be used for various purposes, such as welcome mailers and carry-out menus. To maximize their use, it is important to choose an appropriate design and color scheme.

Another great use for laminated mailers is as maps. Whether it’s a map of a local attraction, a map of the area, or a bookmark for the library, laminated mailers can serve a dual purpose. First, they provide the benefits of promotional value and usefulness to customers and increase response rates. Additionally, they can be used as dynamic sales presentation tools. This is because they can be printed with barcodes or postage labels.

Lightweight and Durable

The Laminated Mailer is a lightweight yet durable mailing solution. It can be rolled, unlike a rigid 100lb Gloss Cover. The paper is coated with an aqueous coating. This type of paper is also ideal for making brochures. It is also more bendable than standard cardstock. It is also an excellent use for any business that needs a high-quality, affordable mailing solution.

Aqueous Coating paper is an affordable option for lightweight mailings. It’s coated on both sides with an Aqueous Coating. It is best for light-colored designs because it counters see-through. In contrast, the matte paper has a nice natural feel and is ideal for handwriting. It’s 15% thicker than 14 pt. Matte paper provides a sharp sense but lacks a glossy finish. It’s also great for brochures and flyers.

Offers Special Deal

Laminated mailers are a unique way to promote your business. They feature a card pop-out that will keep your business in the customer’s mind long after receiving the mailer. They also offer a high response rate, making them a great option for ad campaigns and coupon books. 

First, consider the use of the card. Its unique die-cut design can be used to offer a special deal to customers. If they are not interested in the card, they may not want to purchase it. This way, they can use their plastic card to buy something else. And, as a bonus, the card can never expire! This makes them the perfect marketing tool.

Visually Appealing

Printed postcards¬†can make an excellent choice for mailers from high-gloss silk lamination. This finish is both visually appealing and durable. In addition, high-gloss silk laminate provides a velvet-like feel, which many people find appealing. They’re also ideal for highlighting the message on rack cards, presentation folders, hang tags, and other materials. High-gloss silk lamination is available in many different finishes, including gloss, matte, and ultra-gloss.

High-gloss silk lamination offers similar protective benefits while delivering a smooth, silky feel. Matte lamination is also available and offers a soft-touch feel, making it the perfect option for high-end mailers and other products. While high-gloss lamination is the most durable, it’s also the most expensive, costing slightly less than matte lamination.