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How Difficult is Salesforce Service Cloud Certification?


Before assessing if the Salesforce Service Cloud Certification is difficult or not, it is necessary to understand what these professionals possess. However, this certification demonstrates the professional expertise, knowledge, and skills with Salesforce application administration and setup. Thus, to become a Salesforce specialist, you must first obtain the Salesforce Service Cloud certification. This certification will not only help in the Service Cloud solutions but will also provide long-term value to the career of a Salesforce expert. Therefore, to become proficient in this domain, it is necessary to have Salesforce Online Training. Such training will help the aspirants to clear the exam and have you prepare for the professional world.

Salesforce Service Cloud Consultants Skillsets

Before understanding how difficult the Salesforce Service Cloud exam is, it is equally important to understand the candidate’s responsibilities for a promising career. A Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant creates and delivers solutions that help customers to achieve their business goals by utilizing Salesforce technologies. Moreover, the Salesforce Certified Consultant has two to five years of senior business analyst experience and possesses the following skills:

  • Implementation of project management skills
  • A thorough understanding of the Salesforce product lines
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Expertise in Cloud Computing Technologies
  • Proper knowledge of the software development life cycle
  • Excellent awareness of data management and database administration

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Tips to Ace the Salesforce Service Cloud Certification

After understanding the Service Cloud Consultant skillset, if you wish to go for a certification exam in the same domain, keep in mind that the difficulty level of this certification exam depends on the candidate’s way of learning. Moreover, the time the candidate gives for his preparation depends upon the aspirants’ degree of knowledge, personal learning style, and the study resources available. Furthermore, every candidate must go through a sample test for the Service Cloud certification as it makes them solve the exam in a real-time environment. In addition, each candidate can ace the Salesforce Service Cloud Certification by following the below steps:

●     Go Through the Exam Structure

The first and foremost tip to ace this complex exam is to get familiar with the exam structure of the Service Cloud certification exam. The exam structure of the exam includes the following:

  1. The test comprises 60 multiple-choice questions and five non-scored questions.
  2. Moreover, the test has a time limit of 105 minutes.
  3. Also, the passing grade is 67 percent.
  4. The registration fee is $200, plus any relevant local law taxes.
  5. If you want to retake the exam, then pay a fee of $100 plus any applicable local law taxes.

●     Learn from Reliable Source

The reliable learning platform allows candidates to go deeper into each topic, giving them greater confidence as they prepare for the final exam. However, when you pair these sources with practice exams and sample papers, your learning progress will improve with time.

●     Register for the Salesforce Service Cloud Exam

Registration for the exam is one of the most crucial parts of the exam preparation process. When you first register, you are provided with a specific day and time to appear for the final exam, which encourages attention and commitment during your preparation. Moreover, it creates a sense of urgency and motivates candidates to reach their objectives. It also results in an excellent preparation strategy and a higher chance of passing the certification exam.

●     Practice is a key

Practice as many questions as possible to become familiar with the complexity and depth of questions you may expect to see in the exam. However, it will help you arrange your schedule and stress management. Moreover, practicing will help you go through the test sections where you are particularly weak. It will lay a solid base for your knowledge and comprehension of the Service cloud consultant exam. Also, you will acquire confidence in yourself and pass the exam on your first try.


Hopefully, this article answers your question, “How difficult is the Salesforce Service Cloud certification?” Remember that the difficulty level of any test depends on the candidate’s abilities. While some applicants passed the exam on their first attempt, others needed to retake it. Thus, if you want to succeed in the exam, you must rigorously prepare for it. Besides, if you are wondering about the salesforce certification cost, it’s $200 for each exam, and for a retake, it’s $100.