How do we remove a Virus from an Android Mobile Phone?

There are several ways you can remove mobile malware from Android. The removal process largely depends on the type of virus infecting your Smartphone. Some malicious programs disguise themselves as common apps, such as flashlights, and you can get rid of them just by uninstalling the application. It is important to act immediately because these malicious programs can compromise both the security of your device and take control of Google and your other accounts. So you can get one of the best Android antiviruses to scan your device for security threats and remove identified malware. With the help of this post, you will learn about the different ways to Remove virus from android .

What are the different ways to remove the virus from your android device?

Way 1: Remove malware automatically

Install Mcafee antivirus for Android, a free app that quickly scans your device for viruses. If a virus infection is found, you will be prompted to quickly and easily remove the virus. You can get mcafee customer service refund service numbers on our official website.

  • Step 1: Run your virus scan

Most mobile antivirus programs are easy to use; just tap the “Scan” button and let the app do its thing.

  • Step 2: Fix the identified problems

When you are done scanning, you can follow the instructions within the user interface to clear any potential exposure.

Way 2: Remove malware manually

  • Step 1: Put your phone in safe mode

Restarting your phone safely will prevent all third-party apps from running, including malware. Some Android phones allow you to reboot in safe mode, while some models require a few extra steps to get there.

  • Step 2: View your downloaded apps.

Once you are in safe mode, Go to Settings > Apps and look for apps that look suspicious. It might be an app that you are not familiar with the app that you don’t remember installing yourself. 

  • Step 3: Uninstall Recent Downloads

Once you have identified a potentially problematic app, tap Uninstall. In the last attempt to survive, Many infected apps will disable the uninstall button. 

  • Step 4: Prevent these apps from being a device administrator

Navigate through your security settings to find a list of apps with Device Administrator permission. Your path might look like this: Depending on your Android model or phone manufacturer. In the last step, Go to your Downloads folder and delete the malware .apk installation file if you see it.

Way 3: Reset your Android phone

  • Step 1: You need to perform a factory data reset

First you go to Settings then Backup & reset and finally Factory data reset. Then tap Reset Device.

  • Step 2: Enter your password when requested.

Enter your password to continue, and then tap the Remove Everything option. 

  • Step 3: Reboot your device.

After the factory reset is complete, your phone will restart and walk you through the initial setup process.

  • Step 4: Restore from a previous backup.

Finally, you will be asked if you want to restore your phone from a backup or start over. Here, you can choose to restore your phone from a backup before you install the malicious app.

How will you identify that your phone will be infected?

Broken apps: Some apps tend to crash from time to time when you use it. If you experience multiple apps are crashing more often than they should, you may be dealing with Android malware.

Ads keep popping up: You can block annoying pop-up ads with your mobile browser or browser extension. If you start seeing pop-ups even when you are not using any apps, it’s possible that you have an adware infection on your hands.

The battery runs out in a short time: This is because most mobile malware is not optimized. So it tends to drain your battery faster than other legitimate apps.

Unfamiliar apps: Many people don’t take the time to verify if new, cutting-edge apps are created by legitimate developers, especially when it comes to tons of free-to-play games. This oversight can prove costly. This is because you might accidentally give a fake app the key to your phone realm.

The phone is getting too hot: There are many reasons why your phone can overheat. But malware infection is one of the most common causes. If you didn’t do anything wrong with your phone, your phone should not be hot.

If you are facing any one of the above issues on your android device, then you need to Remove virus from android with any one of the antiviruses.

Bottom line:

Mcafee is one of the best antiviruses for Android devices. If you can have any concerns about the mcafee, you can contact the mcafee customer service refund for immediate response. You can protect your Android from viruses, malware, and other threats with Mcafee. It detects and blocks viruses and malware before they spread on your device. You get free VPN access, data leak protection, and more.