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How Should You Accessorise the Wall Based on Different Sofa Set Designs?

  • Sofa sets are the essential detail of a living room. It is the soul element based on which we choose other furniture and decor items. However, sometimes it’s hard to decide what accessories and decor items will be perfect for our sofa set. When you look for sofa set online, they look luxurious and beautiful. However, they do look the same in our living room. It is all because of the wall accessorizing and decor. This article is the most informative read for you this week: it will explain how you can accessorize your wall and living room based on different sofa sets.

L-Shaped Sofa

For an l-shaped sofa set, you need a back wall with in-build frames or the wall on the l-corner; so the room does not look empty. Although, if your living room wall does not have an in-built frame design and you want to buy an l-shaped sofa set, you can still make it attractive. Place your l-shaped sofa set in the center, with a center table and planter on one side. Now add some beautiful wall panels or an antique wall painting. It will give a creative vibe to your wall while emphasizing the sofa set. The back wall will not steal the thunder of your sofa while looking beautiful in the background.

Sofa Cum Bed

sofa cum bed online
The wall behind your sofa cum bed usually looks empty; due to the smaller height of the sofa set. It leaves room for creativity and experimentation. However, your experiment should suit the organic design of your sofa set. Place some beautiful mirrors or a wall bookshelf. Both these placements will make the wall look packed while making your sofa cum bed look attractive. Also, the mirror and bookshelf are both utility elements on the wall above your sofa set.

Two-Seater Sofa

2- seater sofa
If you have or plan to buy a sofa set with two seats, your wall placement cannot be grim. When the sofa set has a beautiful print, the back wall needs to adapt to it, and if the sofa set has a plain fabric, the wall needs to take the whole responsibility of creativity. Add an attractive art piece or a collage of picture frames. It will make your living room look aesthetic and your sofa set rightfully placed.

Five-Seater Sofa

5 seater sofa set
Five-seater sofa sets are best suitable for spacious living rooms. If you plan to buy a five-seater sofa set, start preparing for the accessorizing and decorating part now. Start with finding a corner that has a bookshelf or window on one side, as it will leave only one back wall to decorate. Add an antique wall clock on that back wall. Also, place some artistic paintings or a decorative Persian rug which can complement your sofa set. Your wall is ready to adapt with your sofa set, so now you canbuy your sofa set online.

Three Sofa Set Decor Tricks That Can Never Go Out of Fashion

Now that the back wall of your living room is complimenting your sofa set. Let’s focus on the decor and styling tips for your sofa sets. Buying a sofa set is a long-term investment that should have some elements which make its design look evergreen. But what if there are tricks to keep it classy for at least ten years. Learn these three decoring tips below, which will never grow old for sofa set decor.

1. Colorful Cushions

Bold and bright color cushions will add extra energy to your sofa set. Also, using block print, bold print, or warm colors pillows on your sofa set will never go out of fashion. You can change the colors and prints of your cushions; according to the latest trend. It is cost-effective and will take a minimum of effort. You can order cushions for your sofa set online and make it brand new with just a click.

2. 2-Rugs

We all have always loved those rugs placed effortlessly on sofa sets. The trend of knitted rugs on a sofa set has been active for almost two decades. Remember in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gum; there was a brown knitted rug on the off-white sofa; it was trendy then and now. Also, Monica’s living room sofa set in F.R.I.E.N.D.S had a maroon and peach checked quilt on the dull white sofa set that looked very adorable. It is evident rugs were never out of fashion and will never be in the future.

3. 3-Vase or Lamps

This trick is ordinary but also very effective. Most of us avoid using vases and lamps near our sofa set; due to fear of damaging those beautiful lamps and vases. However, there are options available in the market made with unbreakable material which you should use to enhance your sofa sets decor. Vases with beautiful flowers can create a glowing look that will bring unique color and texture to the sofa set. Changing lamps with time is another creative decor trick, as the spotlight on sofas will change with different lights of the lamp, giving a different look every time. Also, remember that you should always be specific about lamps and vases while buying your sofa set. If you liked any of these decorating ideas, use them now to enhance the decor of your living room and have a picture-perfect sofa set area. However, do not forget to buy the center object, a sofa set adaptable for your living room. If you are confused about where to look, there are many online sites where you can buy the sofa set of your choice.