Rockspace WiFi Extender

Quick Guide to Enhance Rockspace WiFi Extender Performance?

At times, the performance of a range extender decreases. It does not offer the best WiFi signal connectivity or speed. In that case, you might think of installing a newer version of the Rockspace WiFi extender you have. However, that won’t solve a thing for you. Rather, the newly updated range extender will slow down over time. So, the best way is to boost WiFi extender performance by making a few changes.

What are those changes? Relax! Don’t be in haste. The following tips will come in handy to boost the Rockspace WiFi extender performance. For some changes, you might have to access the Rockspace WiFi extender setup wizard. On the other hand, some are mere physical adjustments. So, let’s roll further.

Tips to Magnify WiFi Extender Performance

Modify WiFi Channels

Rather than being dependent on the default WiFi frequency, you can change it. That is, you can switch to a higher WiFi band. It will cease the clash between the WiFi frequency of your Rockspace extender and other devices.

Therefore, you need to change the default WiFi band of your repeater. It will help your repeater to bypass the other common wireless frequencies surrounding the device. Hence, it should be your first step to boost WiFi extender performance.

Change Device Placement

At times, placing the range extender in a single space can harm your device. It could be having more WiFi interferences. That is why changing its location becomes extremely important. We would suggest you choose the central location in your house.

If possible, place the repeater on higher ground so that its WiFi signals are not being interrupted. Moreover, you should avoid windows during the relocation of your Rockspace WiFi extender.

Firmware Upgrade

Another crucial step is to go for a firmware update. Before that, you need to check whether there is an update available or not. If yes, you should download the model-suited firmware only. For instance, if you have Rockspace AC750, check for firmware updates for that particular device.

For the best results, you should enable the auto-update feature on your device. That is going to update your repeater to the official firmware. Hence, you get saved from manually updating the range extender.

Update the Internet Browser

What if you have been using an outdated web browser? It might not be open websites that you are willing to open. That is why we are recommending that you should install the latest version on a web browser. Before downloading an internet browser, you must check its compatibility requirements.

Furthermore, you need to check your computer specifications before downloading the latest web browser. It might or might not support the version. So, check each detail before running processes to update your browser.

Form a Cable Connection

To cut internet connection fluctuations, you need to form a cable connection. Why so? Well, a wireless connection is easily affected by external factors. Therefore, you have to be utterly careful when you use a wireless connection. It has fluctuations that can easily hamper the working of your range repeater.

Therefore, to avoid all that, you should be using a cable connection. The Ethernet cable that you are using should be tightly fitting on both ends. Furthermore, it must be worn out. In case there are deep cuts on the cable, you must use a new Ethernet cable.


Using all the tips given above can easily improve the performance of your Rockspace WiFi extender performance. Hence, you receive stronger WiFi signals that won’t fluctuate over time. Furthermore, you don’t have to get worried about internet dead zones within your house.

Always turn off your Rockspace WiFi extender in case you are not using it. What helped you the most? Do tell us in the comment section given below.

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