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When am i Ovulating – How to Check Ovulation at Home

The symptoms of ovulation are not difficult to notice. Anyone trying to conceive wants to know when ovulation will happen. When the egg is ovulated You want the sperm to wait in the fallopian tubes ready to fertilize the egg. In other words, intercourse should occur before your ovulation period to increase your chances of fertilization. To make things easier, you can try using the fertility calculator that shows the fertility calendar.

If you can have sex during this time. Your chances of conceiving are greatly increased during that time. A few of the symptoms of ovulation show that ovulation is imminent. This allows you to have sex during that time to get pregnant.

The Ovulation Test Result is Positive:

The ovulation predictor kit is also known to be the home pregnancy test. All you need is to put the urine on the test strips, then it will display two lines when the test line goes darker as compared to the control line. If it happens, then the test is considered to be positive. It indicates that you’re more likely to ovulate. This time is considered the best time to have intercourse to get pregnant.

Here you can learn detail about when am i ovulating. An ovulation test is said to be a popular way of detecting ovulation, but it has its own pros & cons. So, a better way is to use the fertility calculator by iovulationcalculator that determines the exact ovulation date depending on the first day of your last period. Feel free to use this fertility calculator and do unlimited calculations.

Increased Sexual Desire:

Nature knows how to get you to have sex at the perfect time for fertilization. A woman’s sexual desire increases before ovulation. Her sexual desire didn’t just increase. But she also looks sexier. The actual bone structure of a woman’s face will change slightly. This symptom can easily be traced so, you don’t need to spend your time tracking the other symptoms. Because this sign of ovulation clearly shows you that fertility has occurred.  Instead of it, you can consider using the accurate ovulation calendar, which helps you to know what time is perfect for having sex to have a baby. Another reason for using the fertility calculator is that it shows precise results depending on the first day of your last menstrual period.

Increased Basal Body Temperature:

Basal body temperature (BBT) is your temperature when you are in the resting motion. Although a normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. But the truth is that your body temperature will vary slightly throughout the day and month. It goes up & down depending on your activity level. What you eat, your hormones, your sleeping habits, and, of course, if you are sick.  To have a perfect estimate regarding your ovulation and fertility make use of a fertility calculator.

Change the Position of the Cervix:

If you think your vagina is like a tunnel, which ends at the cervix. Your cervix moves in position and changes throughout your menstrual cycle. You can keep track of these changes. Before ovulation, the cervix moves up and is softer to the touch and opens a bit when you are not in the reproductive phase of your cycle The cervix becomes lower, stiffer, and more closed. If it seems confusing to you then, try using the ovulation calendar calculator for the calculation of ovulation and fertility.

Breast Tenderness:

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your breasts are soft to the touch, but it doesn’t happen all the time? The hormones that the body produces after ovulation is the reason for this situation. You can use this change as a way to confirm that ovulation is likely to occur. You can’t predict ovulation this way. But you can reassure yourself if you wonder if you have ovulated this cycle. That said, breast tenderness can be a side effect of fertility drugs.