How to create Instagram Reels like a pro: 5 Tips

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short, vertical videos up to 90 seconds in length.

Instagram users can create and edit video and photo clips to music and then share them to their Feed and Stories pages.

This popular video feature can be found in 50 countries, including the United States.

Instagram Stories have been an excellent way for businesses and brands to express their creativity and create a visual experience beyond the grid.

Reels are different because users don’t see Reels only from the accounts they follow. Instead, Reels are displayed on all Instagram accounts on the Reels tab.

Do you want to create better Instagram Reels? Are you looking for editing tips?

This article will show you how to create and edit Instagram reels like an expert to maximize short-form videos in your marketing.

How to record original content for Instagram Reels?

Before you begin recording, set the timer for your reel. Reels are usually set to record for 15 seconds by default. Tap the timing button on the left-hand menu to make your reels longer than 15 seconds.

Next, create your shot by tapping the camera button in the lower-right corner. Make sure the camera is facing in the correct direction. You can choose from many different reel layouts, effects, and speeds.

  • You can either stick with the default full-screen layout for reels or tap the layout button and choose from a few split-screen options.
  • You can record content at the default speed of 1x or tap the speed button for a faster or slower display.
  • You can film without filters or tap the sparkle icon for various in-app special effects. 

Tap the timer icon on the left-hand menu when you are ready to start filming. Select the clip length you wish to record, and then choose a countdown timer. The countdown will begin immediately, and the app will automatically start and stop recording depending on the time.

You can use Instagram’s built-in transition effects to create multiple clip reels that include style changes, adding people or objects to the frame. 

Tap the sparkle icon to the right of the Record button before you start a clip with a transition.

Next, go to the Reels tab. Choose one of the transition effects. After you have finished recording your clip, perform the action that causes this effect. You can use Instagram’s alignment feature to create seamless transitions between clips.

You can also use the timer to allow yourself enough time to find the best spot and set up your shots before you begin recording.

After you have filmed the first clip, click the Align button and align your shot before recording. You can register or delete more clips until you reach the time limit.

Go through these 5 steps to create Instagram reels like a pro:

1. Create a Video idea for your Reel:

The first step in creating Instagram Reels is to define your goals. Each piece of content shared on social media must have a purpose. You can achieve link clicks or new followers, saves, and views. If you want to increase your profile views, followers, and engagement on Instagram, you could create Reels to encourage people to come back for more.

For inspiration, you might look at similar content. Select a concept to use in your Reels. You can also add an audio or video mode to your Reels that goes viral on Instagram. You will be able to participate in the viral sensation and gain vast amounts of feedback and impressions that will ultimately help you increase your Instagram engagement.

2. Use Creative Filters, Edits, and Video Transitions in Reels to Engage the Audience:

Your Instagram Reels’ first few seconds are crucial. It should entice your audience to stay and engage. Creative filters, edits and transitions will keep your viewers watching your Reels for more extended periods. You can use the same filters and transitions in your Instagram Stories to engage your audience on Instagram.

You should use Instagram’s editing tools to make your Reels stand out. They help increase your reach and engagement on Instagram using the most current Instagram feature or related tools. For example, you can use Instagram’s photo filters to make your Reels look like how you want them to look. You can also use Instagram’s video transitions to make your Reels more engaging. You can use Instagram’s video editing tools to add a video transition to your Reels. 

3. You can follow the trends your Way:

Always be on the lookout for Instagram’s latest trends. This will allow you to see which videos and sounds are most popular on Instagram.

The most recent Reel Trend Report on Instagram will reveal the latest trends. You can visit their pages to see what other Instagram influencers are up to. You can also check the Reels tab to keep up with new Reels and to find popular content on the Explore tab.

While you can make content inspired by the trend but keep it authentic, this will increase your chances of getting more views and engagement on Instagram.

4. Select a Video Concept for your Reel:

Each piece of content shared on social media must have a purpose. What are you looking to achieve with social media? Link clicks, new followers, save, views, comments, or other actions?

The  next step to creating a reel is understanding your goals. If you want people clicking on your shopping links to purchase your products, your reel should be designed accordingly. You might consider creating a video clip to boost your profile views and follower count, which will help keep people coming back for more.

For inspiration, you can also check out other popular content. You can join the Instagram trend if a particular audio or video style becomes viral and receive high-quality responses and views.

5. Add Audio to your Instagram Reel:

We must look at a few other options on the Reels recording screen. Audio is the most important option on the menu. Reel is different than other types of Instagram video because it uses audio. The sound acts as a meme by itself, giving context to your videos and adding an element of humor, pathos, or inspiration.

Reels audio has many options:

  • While you are filming, record your original audio.
  • You can search for music in Instagram’s audio library.
  • You can use the audio from an existing reel.
  • Record a voiceover to add authenticity to your reel.

Tap the Audio button at the bottom of the screen to search for music on Instagram. You can browse the most popular tracks and search for them. You can also bookmark your favorite tracks by clicking left on a track. It would be best if you kept in mind that Instagram business accounts have access to different music than personal accounts. A selection of music is available for business accounts.


Instagram Reels is a great tool for Instagram creators and influencers. Reels allow you to reach a wider audience with the right strategy. These five tips should help increase your Instagram engagement and impressions.