Cat In A Hat Drawing

How to Draw A Cat In A Hat

How to Draw A Cat In A Hat. The cat in the hat is one of the multiple famous children’s surfaces! This character was introduced to the world in the book by Dr. Seuss, has been featured, and has appeared in movies, TV shows, toy items, and more!

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This famous cat has fans worldwide, and many enjoy learning how to draw a cat in a hat. However, learning can be problematic, making a useful guide like this!

How to Draw A Cat In A Hat

Step 1

For this first step of our guide on attracting the cat in the hat, let’s start with the head and the famous hat itself!

We’ll focus on the outlines of these two elements, but we’ll add them later.

We’re primarily drawing these parts with curved, rounded lines; you can refer to the reference image to see how they should look!

Once we’ve drawn the head with the hat, we’re ready for step 2!

Step 2

We go further down and work at the beginning of the body in this step of your Cat In The Hat drawing. First, we draw his large bow tie under his neck.

Next, for his back, we’ll extend a jagged line down the left side of the tie.

This line is jagged to give the cat the appearance of hair. Finally, we use softer rounded lines for the chest and hand as they appear in the reference image.

Step 3

In this third phase of our guide on drawing the cat in a hat, we will finish his arms and start with his lower body.

Drawing hands, even cartoon hands, can be tricky, so don’t be scared when drawing his gloved hands and follow the reference image carefully!

So when we’re done with the arms, let’s start with her legs. These can be drawn using a combination of rounder, smoother, and jagged lines like we used for his back.

Step 4

Earlier in this guide, we mentioned how we would add details to your Cat In The Hat drawing and in this step, we will start with that.

First, let’s draw some eyes for him using small ovals with dots. So his nose will be a small black oval under his eyes.

You can then add a small line at the corner of her mouth for her smile. You can refine his face with a line that encloses his facial features.

Finally, you can add another jagged furry line for his tummy and then use similar lines for his feet. Now that these have been added, the next step is for us to add a few final details.

Step 5

We’ll be adding some amazing colors to your photo soon, but first, we need to add a few details in this step of tightening the cat in the hat guide!

Draw A Cat In A Hat

First, we’ll finish the famous hat he’s wearing. This hat has stripes, and you can now add those stripes. Then you can draw three lines on either side of his face for his moustache.

Then we have to add a curvy ponytail at the back, which will top off all the final details! Before you continue with the last step, you can also add your data here.

You could put other Dr. Draw Seuss characters you love next to him to get an idea!

Or you could draw a background to recreate your favourite scene from the book. How will you finish this drawing before the last step?

Step 6

You worked hard on this Cat In The Hat drawing, and now you can relax colouring while you finish it!

Cat In A Hat Drawing

The cat in the hat is famous for wearing her large red and white hat alongside her red bow tie. So if you want to go for its classic colors, you can use our reference image as a guide.

While you’re sticking with her classic colors, there are plenty of ways to bring even more of your favorite colors into this image! If you have drawn characters, objects, or an additional background, these elements allow you to add many more colors.

Once you’ve chosen your colors, you can have even more fun choosing what cool mediums and art tools to use to fill in that image!

Your Cat In A Hat Drawing is Finished!