my hp laptop is not charging

How To Fix A Laptop That Won’t Charge?

It is not difficult to see that HP has established its name across the globe because of its outstanding laptops. However, at times, users encounter situations where they find that their HP laptop is powered on but isn’t charging.

While the reasons behind issues can be many, however, there are many methods to eliminate them. For more information about the issue go deeper into this article.

Why Is My Hp Laptop Plugged in but Not Charging?

To fix this issue it is necessary to identify the root of this issue initially. We have therefore listed possible reasons for this problem.

  • Use of surge protectors
  • The AC adapter is damaged AC adapter
  • The excessive accumulation of laptop memory
  • Incorrect or outdated battery device driver
  • Faulty BIOS Settings
  • Loose DC Jack
  • New charging system

What To Do if HP Laptop is Plugged in But Not Charging?

Remove the charger from the laptop, and then reconnect it. Then, determine if the issue has been solved or not. If the issue persists you can try the other options provided below and determine which one is most effective for you.

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Solution 1: Perform a Power Reset

Do a power reset on your laptop to erase your laptop’s memory. Then, check whether the issue has been resolved or does not.

  • Turn off your computer, and take out the laptop battery (if it is).
  • Then disconnect the power cable from your laptop. Hold on to the power button for approximately 15 seconds, then release the button slowly.
  • Replace the battery, and then connect the power cable to the laptop. Switch on the laptop and observe the battery’s health.

Solution 2: Update Battery Driver

As previously mentioned it is possible to encounter this problem if the driver for your battery is out of date. So, it is suggested to update the driver of your battery using the steps in the following.

  • Start by clicking Start and enter “Device Manager” in the search box.
  • Search for batteries, and then hit the” + button. Right-click now to open “Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Batteries” and then click the “Update Driver Software button.
  • Choose “Search automatically for the latest driver software” to ensure that Windows will do the same for you.
  • Restart your laptop and the battery is restored. Verify if the issue is resolved following this procedure or it doesn’t.

Solution 3: Update the HP Laptop BIOS

It is also possible to update the BIOS of the HP laptop. As we mentioned before the issue could be because of corrupted or damaged BIOS settings. It is easy to go to the official site that is owned by HP then download their most current BIOS updates for your HP laptop.

It is important to perform the update under additional supervision and get assistance from a qualified professional prior to starting the process of updating.

Alternately, you can do the BIOS update using the device manager, following the steps in the following.

  • Click Start and enter “Device Manager” in the search bar.
  • Click on Firmware, then expand it. Make sure to double-click System Firmware and then click on the Driver tab.
  • Once again, click”Update” Driver followed by “Search automatically for the latest driver programs”.
  • Once the update has been downloaded, follow the instructions displayed at the top of your screen.

Solution 3: Check Your Hardware

Sometimes problems can be caused by an AC or power cord in the laptop. So, be sure to verify it. Verify that you’re not using any surge protectors and your notebook has connected to a socket.

Also, conduct an accurate analysis of the AC adapter to determine whether it’s corrupted or not. Replace it with a fresh one if that is the scenario.

Solution 4: Check for Problems in Charger

The issue may also arise due to issues in the connection between the battery or the connector. If you observe that the pin of your charger is bent on one side, there is a chance that the issue could be due to this. In such situations, it is suggested to follow the guidelines below.

Take the charger adapter off the power outlet. Check the opposite part of the adapter to check whether there is a bent pin or not. If it’s bent, you can try to align it. It is essential to take care to do this in a way that it won’t break.

If none of these solutions will work, check for loose connections to the DC power jack to determine whether it’s loose. It is possible to swap it for a fresh one if it is loosely connected. However, if the issue persists, try replacing it with a fresh one.

These are just a few options that you can follow to be able to solve the issue in which the HP laptop is powered on but it isn’t charging.