How to Paraphrase? An Ultimate Guide

Some people may think paraphrasing content is unethical, but it is not. If you know how the skill of paraphrasing content properly, you can easily write original content for academic submissions, research publications, and blog posts. The paraphrasing skill is especially important for the students, as they need it to make their academic submissions look natural and original.

Academic institutions around the world also encourage students to learn the techniques of paraphrasing for added academic integrity. Moreover, bloggers may need rephrased content for inclusion in the blog post because formulating unique content every single day is quite challenging. It should be noted that paraphrasing is not simply picking up already written content from a random source and rewriting it.

Paraphrasing or rewriting content actually requires you to understand the concept and intent of the already written content and then express it in your own words. Nevertheless, we have outlined a few techniques in this writing that can help you paraphrase content effectively without making your content poor in terms of grammar. Further details are given below:

Replace Words with Suitable Synonyms

The very first thing you need to do while paraphrasing content is to look for individual words that define the intent of a sentence. Once you determine those words, it is time to replace them with their suitable synonyms. However, the problem you may face while replacing words with their suitable synonyms is the lack of knowledge about synonyms of particular words because of a limited vocabulary.

The solution to this issue is finding the meaning and various synonyms of particular words online. Google can help you in this regard. Some other worth mentioning websites are and, which can help you understand the meaning of words and find their suitable synonyms. You just need to ensure that the synonyms you use to replace individual words in the content fit the context properly.

Change the Form of Words

Another effective paraphrasing technique to obtain paraphrased content that looks natural is to bring individual words from one form to another. However, you need to make sure that the form of the word you are using looks perfect in the content according to the grammatical rules. Otherwise, you may end up changing the entire meaning of the sentence and ruining its sense because of a single word.

An example of the aforementioned technique to help you understand the concept is given here. The exemplary sentence here is, “He believes that shortage of fuel is the main reason behind the increase of fuel prices.” Suppose you change the form of one or two words in this sentence. In that case, the sentence will automatically start looking different from the original one, for example, “He believed that the main reason behind increased fuel prices is due to shortage of fuel lately.”

Use of Alternative Voice

Sometimes changing the voice of a sentence can also do the trick for you. You simply need to convert a sentence written in the active voice to passive voice and vice versa. Making use of this approach while paraphrasing content can help you a lot in formulating rephrased content that looks original and natural without any compromise in terms of Grammar.

Here is an example for you, “I am driving the car” will be transformed into “the car is being driven by me.” Similarly, if you want to change the sentence, “The game was played by me on the smartphone,” which is written in passive voice to active voice, then you can write “I was playing the game on the smartphone.” When it comes to rephrasing, you can add a few additional words to a sentence to make the content look more original.

Using a Paraphrasing Tool

If you want to paraphrase content quickly and that too without leaving any chance for poor grammar or plagiarism traces, then using an AI-based rephraser can help you effectively. You simply need to find a capable paraphrase tool that offers AI-based paraphrasing capability and an extended synonym library.

There is no need to look for the installation of any app on your mobile or desktop devices. You can simply look for an online paraphrase tool for this purpose. Once you find an online rephraser with the aforementioned qualities, paste the original content in the given box and opt for the paraphrase option. Such a tool will rewrite content for you quickly, and you can easily include paraphrased content in academic submissions or website content.

At the End

Including paraphrasing content in your blog posts or academic submissions is not a thing to be shy about. In fact, academic institutes around the world encourage students to learn the skill of rewriting content for success in their studies and professional career. We have discussed a few methods to help you paraphrase content to make the rewritten content look original and natural. We hope you will find this entire discussion useful for your upcoming tasks that involve paraphrasing content.